Author: Cynthia Shahan

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Walkable Neighborhoods Linked To Less Cognitive Decline

A daily walk or two improves mental acuity and vitalizes the walker. Walking is particularly useful as a daily activity of aging adults and seems to keep cognitive decline at bay. A recent study probed how walks mitigate aging and stimulate our minds even if one has degenerative problems. Providing secure walkability is important for any […]

November 20th

Community Solar on a Food Coop

Originally published on CleanTechnica. In 1974, a group of San Francisco’s pragmatic idealists, the Food Conspiracy, a grass-roots organization of food-buying clubs committed to buying and distributing wholesale food among themselves, became Other Avenues Worker Cooperative. Its mission is and was “food for the people, not profit.” Other stores expanded out of this group and yet, today, […]

October 29th

Guerrilla Gardener In South Central LA Doesn’t Get Government Love, Is Transforming What It Means To Be Gangster

Food is a problem. Food is the solution. Many urban areas suffering from depression of the economy suffer from the lack of whole food, good foods. A liquor store and a vacant lot are alright. However, try to plant green gardens, so you don’t have to drive 45 minutes to buy something besides fast food […]

October 29th

Sewing Hope, Saving The Lives Of Children, Restoring Dignity — Sister Nyirumbe's Love, & The Fearlessness Of Service

To “make a difference,” a life and death difference in the lives of children is the highest value of human service. Listening to Sister Nyirumbe, I immediately understand a truth — there is no other experience that empowers or allows such fierce fearlessness and emanating joy as the joy one owns who connects to the […]

April 16th

Sweden = Most Sustainable Country On Earth (Report)

Editor’s Note: Here’s a quick look at why Sweden ranked #1 in a recent study on the sustainability of countries. Its neighbors also rank quite well. Most Sustainable Country In The World — Sweden (Northern Europeans Top The List) (via Clean Technica) Social governance issues such as carbon emissions, social cohesion, civil liberties, and environmental […]

August 21st

Most Intelligent Bike On The Streets?

Originally published on Bikocity. Redefining is the catchword for our progressive bicycle landscape. It is not lip service. As part of that, companies are rapidly redefining bicycles, and consumers now have a grand wave of bicycles to choose from. Gliding over and around the entire globe has never before been so diversely accommodating. The electrifying […]

August 20th

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil (Review)

Coconut is one of my favorite foods, favorite waters, favorite creams. It is wise to consider coconut milk, after mother’s milk, and goat milk. Coconut milk is desirable for the young to old. It is balancing and nourishing. (Fresh water of young coconuts is especially balancing for the electrolytes of the body.) So, it follows […]

August 13th

Papillionaire Bicycles Are Cool, Cute, Relaxed, & Maybe Even Revolutionary

Editor’s Note: Reposted from Bikocity, here’s an interesting article about some cool bikes that have flipped the switch on urban transportation as well as how to sell bikes. Even though I am a lifelong biker, I don’t care about the latest in the “best” head gear, and even though I am naturally quite athletic, I […]

June 16th

One Oil Spill Is Too Much. One, Two, Three Oil Spills This Week!

One oil spill is too much. Three oil spills happened in the last short week, bringing horror to humans and wildlife alike. Dirty oil, at the root of this, has no moral compass. It is a style of bullying at the worst level. If the earth did not have the resources for renewable energy that its […]

April 7th

Videos Of Oil Spill In Mayflower, Arkansas

22 families had to evacuate a suburban neighborhood in Mayflower, Arkansas due to Exxon’s recent oil spill. It is not yet a week since Mayflower began to suffer from the Exxon oil spill, which is estimated at 12,000 barrels of oil and chemicals. The smelly mess is horrific, with risks to nearby bodies of water […]

April 5th

Dr. James Hansen Retires From 46-Year Career At NASA'a Goddard Institute Of Space Studies

Dr. James E. Hansen has announced his retirement as head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, where he began his career in 1967. He plans to engage more actively in politics around the issue of climate change, continuing his work as the most educated pioneer of scientific climate change research. Dr. Hansen, now 72 years […]

April 4th

5 Appalling Facts About The Monsanto Protection Act Obama Signed Into Law (GMO Heaven)

“Blink and you might have missed it.” Even though Food Democracy Now protesters took their fight straight to Obama, protesting in front of the White House against Section 735 of the bill, he signed anyway. Coming quickly to the forefront are disappointment and concerns for the population of the United States. Below are some more […]

April 2nd

Chasing Ice — “Insanely, Ridiculously Beautiful” Cavings, Cliffs, & Mountains Of Ice & Life

“I am going out on this broken fin, and I assume it won’t collapse” — so says James Balog as he slides over to the edge of an endless cliff of ice that would make many feel faint simply to observe. Balog is nothing if not obsessive — however, brilliantly so. Needing his third knee […]

March 31st

Oil Running Down The Road, Oil Pipeline Spill In Mayflower, Arkansas

“We can see oil running down the road like a river,” explains a Mayflower resident. Crude oil has leaked and this is extremely unfortunate to Mayflower, Arkansas; damaging neighborhoods, and possibly endangering Lake Conrad. The size of the spill remains unclear. Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated the spill […]

March 31st

Fierce Green Fire, Passion For Life, Passion In Activism — In 5 Acts

All of the sudden people said, “Wait a minute, this is not how we have to live.” …Call us Peace, We’re about peace… Paul Watson on a wide screen is sweet looking, kind of like a baby as a young man, thinner with dark curly hair framing his doe-eyed face as he stands in life-threatening […]

February 28th

Trainsforming America (Environmental Film Festival Series)

Train Commute Haiku #559: Your North Face parka Leads me to believe you’re on A grand adventure Continuing on with PlanetSave’s coverage of a recent Environmental Film Festival in Florida, here’s a post on the new documentary Trainsforming America: Trainsforming America — New Documentary A new film, Trainsforming America, takes a look at passenger rail […]

February 21st

"The Hunter" — A Breathtaking Transformation, In Pursuit Of The Last Tasmanian Tiger (Environmental Film Festival Series)

Every one of us is on a learning curve capable of transformation. Every one of us chooses a path, or the path takes us. We grow attached to our efforts, ideas, the commitment to our beliefs — the environmentalist who concerns himself with saving the trees; the logger, happy to have the only real work […]

February 21st

Akira Kurosawa Dreams, Joni Mitchells Dreams, & Jerry Brown Gives Us Zero Emissions Vehicles

The American Indians listen to the messages of their dreams, their great-grandchildren and their great-grandmother speaks to them. Akira Kurosawa made a film called Dreams that I have watched more than a dozen times. This film captures the beauty of folk tale dreams with foxes and peach blossoms spirits. In the same film, he captures […]

February 15th

Great Posters from WWII — When Driving Was Considered Almost a War Crime

  Should brave men die so you can drive? And what about innocents burning? There is nothing new about our concern with the nonsense and destructiveness of our dependency on oil. Our gross needs for gas could be done away with, transformed to clean energy, or at least mitigated to a lesser need. By using mass transit, bicycles, […]

October 19th

Visibelt — LED Belt For Cyclists, Runners, Pedestrians

  I love the way this attention-getting, eye-catching, visibelt for cyclists, runners, pedestrians, and any night-time traveler is made of energy-efficient LED lights; spinning out from one’s body like an aura. I want one. It would go great with an actual “Aura” system on my wheels when biking at night. This visibelt will bring bright notice of me or you as the […]

October 12th

Sacred Naming Ceremony of Rare White Buffalo Calf

  A rare white buffalo born June 6th is bringing hundreds of American Indians together to celebrate this auspicious birth event. They are joining together in a naming ceremony. “[The event] brings so much happiness to us because of the stories of the white buffalo calf that [were] passed down to us for generations,” Marian White Mouse, Oglala Lakota, of South […]

July 29th

Jaime Lynn Bulter, Our Children's Trust: The State Has a Sovereign Obligation Over “All the Earth and Air”

  Notice the gentle touch Jaime’s feet make softly tapping and gliding over the earth in her video for Our Children’s Trust. I feel a keen sense that Jaime Lynn Butler is nurturing of the earth as her white-moccasin-covered feet touch, hover, and dance on and above the earth, her native ground, in her hoop dance […]

July 25th