Quantum Physics, Humor, Romney, the Onion, and Our Ongoing Need for Healthy Stability, not Posturing and Facade


The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Change. How Does it Become Positive or Negative? How Does Change Happen Completely or Incompletely?

People do change. Their focus does change. I could write a dissertation on the hows and whys of people doing what seems to be a complete turnabout regarding issues, viewpoints, or even political stances. I believe it is often linked to survival fears, which drive the change, allowing for mind-washing, mind control, mental emotional confusion, and producing an ambivalence which might lead at some point to a weakening of one’s will. Certainly, one does change when in a downward spiral, upward spiral, or out-of-control spiral.

Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions Of Himself

This Onion video above is briefly fun; however, quite serious in regards to the possibilities of capricious facades as political figures.

What the Bleep Do We Know

I doubt there is anyone who would argue that our country, politically at least, seems as if it is a spiral out of control. The mechanisms of change are more possible in times of chaos. It is good to be aware of change in regards to this present chaos — allowing for light to enter and work within the change.

Humor in the light of this chaos of political spinning is helpful — even informative as a metaphor of understanding.

We are the generation(s) that grew up with the time–space continuum as part of our conceptual body and language. Quantum physics supports this as an actual reality in such a way as to make the invisible more visible. Films such as Back to the Future and TV shows such as Dr. Who give a visual language to the possibility of damage and destruction from such things. Films such as The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and What the Bleep do We Know give us more direct information about how stuck we stay unless we change wholly and not superficially.

Does Erasing the Past Work or Simply Bring Us Back to the Same Point in Time? Do We Have Time for That?

There is much to be gleaned from this short impression in short video from The Onion. What is there to really be cautious of when a political figure changes in such extreme ways? For me, it speaks to a lack of congruence and, of course, trust, unless he can really inform us as to why he changed — without lip service. Hiding the past can be a way of hiding dishonesty, of hiding abuse. Why would he hide efforts to address environmental concerns? This is like taking out a piece of himself, a good piece — cropping the wholeness of a human being.

Another question arises — should a political leader be a stable figure as opposed to a capricious one? Do they all flounder here and there where they believe money and power are? We need stability to support stability out of chaos — not more illusion and more chaos.



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