Companies Using Bikes and Biking in Ads — Selling Lifestyle


This little piece is so very happy. Bicycling happy. In the sun…. In the sun. This is an ad for an insurance company that loves bicycling — wow, great ad. Bikes must really be the new “in” lifestyle or ads would not be using bikes and bikers in them to sell their wares. Be happy + bike sells lifestyle.

Katie Omberg of Bikeleague writes, “Biking has become the new shorthand for urban, healthy, hip, and eco-smart.” This is a good thing. All of us who love to mainly or completely bike, want biking to be so normal that it is the car that seems out of place. Normalizing life on bikes and biking to wide cultural degrees will change the frightening dangers of biking in many places. As it becomes normal, perhaps the roads, routes, and paths will catch up. Bike roads are minimalized all too often, so any trend making this more commonplace, such as ads from an insurance company, might bring more interest to bigger, safer bike paths becoming “normal.”

Perhaps the trend will start making the transit system more normal for bikes, as well. They need more roads themselves — not just small spaces on automobile roads.

The bicycle ad above from Kaiser Permanente is great. Other companies are also supporting and promote their products with this growing lifestyle choice, however. The more we become normal on our bikes — or cool, as in this Blackberry ad below — the better off we will be.

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