Bill Moyers on People Power and the Keystone XL

“‘People Power’ behind him” is what made it possible for President Obama to veto the Keystone XL pipeline, according to Bills Moyers on Bill Maher’s HBO talkshow. And this backs up what we here on Planetsave have been promoting for a long time now — direct action and people power.

Bill Moyers is one of our country’s most pleasant voices in truth and journalism. Moyers identifies that presidents, including Obama, have caved in before on issues such as this. This caving in is due to collusion from high government officials in regards and conflicts of interest creating strong political pressure from big business. He counts the people as the force behind Obama’s recent ability of stand up to these unpleasant political bodies. This force of the people is led by the peaceful Bill McKibben and other passionate environmental leaders. I love Bill Moyers and his direct clear voice. And I thoroughly enjoy his beautiful smile in this video. It is also nice to hear his brief reflections of the Occupy movement.

As Moyers notes, presidents throughout history have needed People Power to make change. That holds true today.

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