Colbert Banters with Mark Ruffalo on Fracking


Mark Ruffalo in as Academy-Award-nominated actor. He is also a director, producer, writer, environmentalist, and (as Colbert puts) it “looks like everybody’s old boyfriend.” Um… must have been one of the self-educating, deep-thinking, philosophically-delving, right-action-seeking, and humanitarian old boyfriends. He is soft-spoken, contrasting Colbert’s aggressive banter prodding Ruffalo to make good on his “unrealistic ideals” — commonsense goals concerning clean energy sources. His is a to-the-point, simple acknowledgement of how we are lagging way behind in clean energy installation. He has seen it. He has seen the effect of fracking, which we are gung-ho about these days, and has witnessed the fact that there are people with flammable water flowing out of their taps. He saw. And now he’s acting. Above is his description of this and his points on the need and potential for a clean energy transition.

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