Burn Cycle, Felliniesque Bike Celebration

The Bicycle Video Of The Year: Burn Cycle from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

Burn Cycle, a video from the creative work of Gabemacha, captures movement in a decorative celebration of biking, music, and fire. One gets a glimpse into the experience of biking whirling into Burning Man in this beautiful piece. Watch this video and follow this astral-plane-infused view, a trail of circus celebration in the style of the happiest Federico Fellini film. This video vibrates with the visual beat and immersion into free-spirited bike culture on the road to and at Burning Man. Amsterdamize believes it is “The Bicycle Video Of The Year.” To watch this video is to enter a Felliniesque realm of a modern bike wonder world. Bikes seem as incarnations of whirling dervishes manifesting out of sound.

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