Puma's Composting Sneakers


Compost is a word, an activity, a necessity, a concept that makes me float in euphoria… something about that deep dark earth. The earth which houses the root of the spirit of Ceres herself. Thanks to progressive companies such as Puma, we will be able to compost our shoes with the remains of our fruit peels, vegetable stems, and coffee grounds.

Puma is cool and progressive, offering empowering ‘green’ options to contain and decorate our feet such as vegan sneakers. Puma already uses much-reduced amounts of water, energy, diesel fuel. Along with vegan suede sneakers, which they make from recycled materials, they have also introduced and brought to us their shoebox replacement for using less paper — the Clever Little Bag.

Like all green innovators, Puma continues to outdo themselves and will soon be introducing compostable shoes. Nothing to do but bury them when their wearer’s last run is done. Puma to be the largest company to offer us this earth-renewing compostable footwear.

However, Puma is not outdoing the Dutch in this fashion. OAT Shoes offers sneakers that sprout flowers when you compost them! OneMoment also has biodegradables that return fully to the dirt in six months.

Get with it everyone else – follow Puma, OAT Shoes, and OneMoment, in step with Ceres, honoring the spirit and necessity of rich dirt, less trash!

Puma boss, Franz Koch, told German Business magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, that he was confident Puma will be bringing these shoes and many more recycled, compostable products to the market soon.

h/t Crisp Green & The Guardian | image via joi

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