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Thank You
Greenstar’s recent post on the Attitude of Gratitude helped me stop, breathe, and contemplate my blessings. As we are all struggling souls, it is sometimes hard to remember how easy one can shift into harmony with the world from an attitude shift. Love springs as one refreshes oneself instantaneously with a Thank you.

Thank you for my children, thank you for this bowl of beans, thank you for the rain, for the storm, for water and a shower, for my ability to move, to see, to love. Thank you because I love. Thank you for the children. Thank you because they lead. Thank you because I am learning to follow. Do just this. Thank you for all those hard lessons that made me stretch and grow. Thank you for the time out from them. Thank you for the down time alone. Thank you for my ability to be in solitude. Thank you. Thank you when I come back out with family, friends. Thank you for my family.

Greenstar’s “Attitude of Gratitude” share:

We can so easily backtrack ourselves into the multiplicities of complaints and woes. What if‘s, would have‘s, and so many other spirals grab our worrisome complaining minds. It is easy to slip into a void if we do not look around and appreciate the simplicity of one’s life. Be attentive to the breeze, to one’s gait, cadence, the crunch of an apple, the screaming of the cicadas. Be in time with where one is. Looking to the future is necessary, however not at the cost of presently enjoyable blessings that drop all around and into one’s life continuously.

Universal Thank You Note

It is such a fine balance, and yet, it is a simple one. Adaptability comes so much easier with a simple “Thank you.” Reading this post, I also struggle with the fate of those less fortunate mentioned on the poster. I cannot fully feel separated from their pain in the same world. Like Solomon Burke sings, “None of us are free, until all of us are free.” They are on a planet we share. How can we help them more? is a thought that never leaves my heart and mind. Take a moment and ask your guides to connect you to your higher self to understand something with the heart (or the soul, or spirit) that the mind will only wrestle with. Believe that in doing this one’s paradigm shifts. Believe in the Thank you‘s. Believe in one’s angels and guides. Believe in one’s higher self. Believe that the hungry and suffering have guides as well. Believe they will overcome, transcend. Thank you.


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