“Project Aura” — More Protection on the Road



Aura as a Protective Body of Light Energy


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One’s Aura is a body of light,  a body of energy, that spreads out from our center and lights up a field of astral and ethereal layers of light protection. It is a large round globe of energy from within that spreads outwardly around us. Now, thanks to some ingenious work by bike loving industrial design students at Carnegie Mellon for a bicyclist in a more material world, there is a new kind of aura protection. Project Aura has developed as a protective barrier. In this sense, it helps bicyclists and urban vehicular drivers alike. It is a signal to help all travelers avoid potentially intrusive and damaging accidents or influences in transportation.

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Generating Friendly Energy

The City Fix shares with us this aptly named project, developed by students in the best interests of all. It is a positive sign of our times. This environmental trend of friendly bike lights is supportive of renewable resources as well. The front hub harbors the generator that creates the lights. Watch the video above to see how very visible one will be in the night.

The Aura system brings attention to bicyclists by lighting up their bike, really lighting it up. It is meant to protect everyone on the road from collision, injury, and death. The students incorporated six groups of three tri-colored LEDs attached to the rims of a bike. The lights are powered by a generator built into the front hub.

There is no doubt in my mind that this type of lighting for a bicyclist at dark will provide more safety for the bicyclist as well as the vehicular road companion. The only remaining question I have about this new technology is regarding the cost and possibility of theft. I hope that these technologies will be incorporated into bike-sharing programs as well, so as to make them available to the authentic bicyclists not simply the wealthy ones.

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3 thoughts on ““Project Aura” — More Protection on the Road”

  1. Now: The contentious part, Will even some of the astoundingly high
    energy consuming “American Dream” be relinquished for a
    more sustainable lifestyle, allowing folks to live mortgage free by
    building only realistically payable homes, and driving only electric
    cars to ballast their Wind Power? Can they move to include Tidal,
    Solar, Geothermal augmentations? Will 3 moving part, owner’s lifetime
    guaranteed, All Electric power trains and exchangeable bodies of hemp
    – a la Lotus, and Hemp technology from U. of Alberta Canada, and
    IBM’s new miracle batteries,
    Combined with the Spanish ‘On The Fly” induction chargers
    embedded in some roadways, and all parking lots, and parking spaces,
    take over? Will Japan, other island nations, see the light? or this
    “new” light? See:
    “The new lights use as little electricity as LED bulbs — and
    half as much as fluorescent lamps —while giving off a comfortable
    white light.” And: Mass produced, mass marketed, will cost very
    little.(from China?)

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