Solar Panel and Bike, New Form of Less is More

Solar-powered ebike

Biking has become a lifestyle, a way of life. Cyclists who hit their favorite bike paths or bike routes every day are like another cut of the zen surfer who never missed a dawn and a wave. Now, we have the bike-path-gilding travelers that make Kerouac’s On the Road look sedentary. Devotees of biking vary in passion — this story is about one of the more devotional biking setups out there. Leave the RV at home, Honey — here is something less, and less is more. The BOB trailer has a full solar panel hooked up on the back of this lengthy road-ready setup.

Solar Panel on B.O.B. Ibex

Rudi’s very impressive bike touring setup is as pointed out in the title of his post — a techno BOB trailer wonder, making use some of the products (many of them) that, and promote and sell.

From Rudi’s story: “Greetings from Berlin, Germany. I have mounted a solar panel on my B.O.B. Ibex. Since I do a lot of camping and carry some electronics with me (GPS, phone, mp3-player, sometimes due to my job a laptop), there’s always the need to charge some batteries.” We find the Rudi does not have to leave his other side, the net traveler, behind. He does not have to leave his electrical web connections when on the open road. What more does a young traveler want?

Novara Safari + BOB Yak

Rudi continues: “The rear two boxes carry two 7.2 Ah accumulators which serve as a buffer, a solar charger and the rest of the electronics like step-up/step-down converters for the different voltages I need. The unregulated 12V outlet is also capable of charging the system via an onboard AC/DC converter in case I find an A/C outlet somewhere.”

Roberta Loaded

Read more about the BOB Techno Trailer on Cycling Nomad.



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