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Mist and Morning Greens

I encourage you to take a look through a delightfully helpful online gardening site that recently popped onto the internet, Smart Gardener. I had to compete and prove myself among strapping young muscle-bound farmers to gain a position at a localorganic farm in search of healthy dirt and the sort information provided on this site. Smart Gardener makes it all so much easier.

Red Leaf Lettuce

Wealth of Information

Sharing the wealth of our land seems to be what inspires Smart Gardener. Smart Gardener gives consumers “exactly what they need to easily grow their own healthy, organic vegetables. “They provide consumers with “highly personalized tools and garden plans based on key inputs including geo-location and household size.”

Sign Up, Start Planning

This service streamlines gardening concepts without degrading them. Smart Gardener brings us the complete inner world of what one needs to learn in regards to dirt, seeds, and weather. The site gives us detailed information on these things, gives it to us in a simple structure, and, thus, all mystery from how to create planning beds to how to conduct the harvest disappears.

Smart Gardener is the best thing since the Farmer’s Almanac, in my opinion. The information is intricately organized. It is easy to put in action. With this knowledge, one will be able to make use of the wonders of dirt and all that comes from it. This service offers a complex weather-mapping algorithm and an extremely rich database of over 500 plants. One can easily shop for seeds through sponsors like Peaceful Valley Farm Supply and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds on the site.

Reaching for the Light
Purple Cherokees

I’m convinced that if you check this site out, you will find success with its step-by-step approach. Kristee Rosendahl’s ability to mainstream all of this makes it possible for one to begin now, begin again, or join in community gardens with proven sources of  well-considered information. Hungry for earth, food, and dirt? Dig, explore, join agriculture at its roots in the dirt about or above your home.

Organic Community

Here’s a quick look at what you can do on the site:

Strawberry Wine from the Garden

Set up your Garden

Once your settings reflect your growing conditions, you can lay out the size and shape of your garden beds.

Select your Plants

Select from multiple ways to find the plants — browsing, filtering, or recommended plants just for your garden.

Create Your Smart Garden Plan

Baby Nettles and Red Leaf Lettuce

Get a plan created just for your garden based on your plants, layout and growing conditions.

Receive Your Weekly To-Do’s

View your prep, plant, care, and harvest To-Do’s all in one place and receive them weekly in your email, too.

Learn more on the Smart Gardener site.

  All Photos by Cynthia Shahan

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