Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic

I recently had the opportunity to try out Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic, a new, certified-organic, all-in-one skin cream. Bee Magic is like Plant and Animal Spirit Food for your face and skin. Along with the nurturing feel of the Bee Magic, the skin cream makes one consider what the essence of the Bee’s work can bring to the energy field around one’s body. Medicine Mama’s sweet Bee Magic uses all the protective essences derived from little golden bees’ work. The only other ingredients in the products that I found on the label are virgin olive oil and avocado oil.

This is old magic. As the plant medicine totem writes, bees are about fertility and the ‘Honey of Life’ — accomplishing the impossible is what bees represent and what bee medicine is all about.

All the bee products, the ingredients of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic, are healing in their own rights individually and thus they are certainly in a way magical. One of the ingredients of Bee Magic is propolis, a powerful healing product of these devoted worker bees. My first encounter with propolis was using it as an antibiotic internally for my young son at the age of two. In this case, I sought out the propolis tincture, which worked to turn his ear complaint around within two short hours. He responded well to the antibiotic property of the propolis and was happily on the mend. Similarly, I think one is most likely able to offset minor infections using this topically — certainly it will be healing for the skin in all ways, but also restorative and replenishing due to the propolis and bee pollen in the products.

Bee propolis is nutritive to restore vitamin balance in the body and skin. Avocado oil, as one of the ingredients not from the bee, is often used in the most wonderful of skin masks. Avocado oil combined with the bee protection feels as good as a mini-facial that refreshes, moisturizes, and restores youthfulness to one’s face.

I love pulling out my Bee Magic Wand, which moisturizes my lips but which I can also refreshingly glide over the whole of my face. All day in the wind or sun, I can feed and protect my skin while on the run. Bee Magic surrounds me. I love it.

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