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Helpful Little Hands Filled with Organic Seeds

Sowing Millions, Growing Minds  is a program launched by Seeds of Change® April 24, 2012. What a blessing of a program this is for precious growing minds, helpful little hands who will now become conscious of health in food and community. This is a truly nurturing offering for the young and growing on our small little planet revolving in space. Seeds of Change is going to donate 25 million organic seeds to helps schools and young children nationwide. These children will learn to cultivate organic school gardens.

Supporting Nutrition in Deficient Community

This program offers children sustainable and invaluable pragmatic education in science, health, conservation, and nutrition.

Organic Red Leaf Lettuce
Most children love getting their hands in the dirt, as it is rich with minerals that they need. I’m sure the children will have fun as well as learn valuable life skills in this program.

With the increased numbers of school gardens sprouting up from the donation of these seeds, communities will be exposed to and benefit from fresh nourishing food. Some of the communities that these seeds are reaching have little or no access or education about healthy choices for diet. So, along with advancing sustainability, ending hunger for live fresh food (a basic hunger that is natural to all humans, especially children) — a serous issue that affects public health (including contributing to childhood obesity) — will be a great outcome of these simple solutions.

Seeds of Change's Tricia Lang, says: "At Seeds of Change, we are passionate about growing good food. We are also committed to helping teach children where food comes from and how it is grown." They are not kidding. This is the most positive thing I have seen in the news in a long time!

Click and Participate in this Program

More from Seeds of Change, including where to get involved:
“As part of these efforts, we are proud to announce the 2012 ‘Sowing Millions, Growing Minds’ initiative. This year, we are awarding schools (grades K-8) nationwide with 25 million Seeds of Change® 100% certified organic seeds to support and encourage ‘sowing and growing’ organic school gardens. To participate in the program, click here.”
And PR Newswire recently announced the starting splash: “Seeds of Change hosted an event in partnership with Green City Market, a not for profit supporting local, sustainable agriculture. The event took place in Chicago at the Edible Gardens at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Farm in the Zoo. ”

Fresh Sunflower Sprouts and Veggies

Choosing this area was like bringing water to a wanderer lost in the desert, as the area is known for awful statistics of childhood obesity. Too many children in this particular area lack fresh food or nutrients necessary to address patterns of deficiency causing such problems. Consideration and rolling up one’s sleeves became the way of the day and what will follow. Lettuce, radishes, broccoli, carrots, and more were planted, and children got garden education about the benefits of organic gardening. They learned things that they can use now at school, soon at home, and forever feeding themselves all of their lives.


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