Traffic Garden of Utrecht


Watching this video, one finds something so simple, so commonsense, and at the same time, so brilliant in it. Things as they should be is what Planetsave is all about. Copenhagenize leads us to the thoughtful, simple way things should (and could) be in this beautiful video of an Utrecht traffic garden. Adults and children alike need this now. Watch this video. Be inspired. Start to build such things in our communities — we are way behind.

bike boulevard traffic utrecht
On the Boulevard in Utrecht

In 1950, Utrecht saw the need for children to understand traffic safety early on. Over fifty years ago, they created this learn-by-doing, show-don’t-tell experience for their youth. This wonderful garden ensures their children’s readiness for biking independently. They become adept in skills needed for the next stage of their life. By the time they are ready to leave their primary schools, they are cycling safely through their communities and urban environments to get to school.

bike park netherlands
Bike Park

“On the Boulevard in Utrecht” by  portlandtransport | Bike Park by lambertwm

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