GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth (Trailer)

“If I have one goal on this planet, it is to make it okay to question growth,” Dave Gardner tells Climate Progress. “I’m not afraid to say I’m against growth.”

The opening sequence of this trailer above cuts to the chase visually with what appears to link, at least in film, the beauty and vulnerability of the melting caps, in some parallel reality, to the Dow (not to be confused with the Dao).

Growth, Denial, Addiction

There is no argument or question about the confusion and chaos produced by this planet’s insatiable push towards material growth. This push has driven material ‘progress’ at the cost and to the detriment of holistic balance with nature. Safety and abundance of natural resources for our present generations, not to mention their children, are in a state of vulnerability. This vulnerability is increasing.

Giving strength to a Ponzi scheme, this material drive towards growth has left many homes in foreclosure. Along with the visual of natural climate concerns shown at the outset of this trailer, the depletion of natural resources are also in question due to our insatiable need for energy.

Determining the future accountability of how one makes choices is where ‘growth’ matters.  We need to stretch our resources internally to fill the void of external need for a growth that is insatiable. This kind of internal, not external, growth is necessary for one’s peace of mind.

Due to denial, addiction, and insatiable needs for energy, the planet and its peoples are in chaos, confusion, and desperation. I am hoping that the young find a resting spot. How do they discern better choices?

‘Hooked’ is the catchword of this film. It is the question and exploration of this film. The planet has been hooked on ‘growth’ to the point of global collapse. This film addresses denial in relation to ‘being hooked.’ Are there some solutions to help mitigate the sense of chaos one might find while being released from denial? The legacy that our planet’s children have due to the chaos produced from consumerism is real. It is erupting in the daily news. I will leave it to the viewers to answer how much this film informs and if it offers solutions to this mess of greed.

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