Good First — Helping People, & Tom's of Maine

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Today, as probably every day of my life, a big part of my day was helping people. I started my day focused on that, and it's hard to think of a day when that

Top Ten New Species of 2012: Sneezing Monkeys, Extreme Nematodes, A Night-Blooming Orchid, An 'Oh Boy!' Sea Jelly, and More

Each year at this time, the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE, Arizona State University) convenes a meeting of taxon experts (i.e., experts in classifying organisms) to  select the ‘top ten new species’ discovered in the preceding year. It’s no easy task; last year some 18,000 new species were “officially described” (most being microbes).The IISE

James Price Point: A Hostile Environment

  by Patrick O’Keeffe The Kimberley Coast, located on the north-western edge of Australia, is under significant threat from a boom in liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, as companies swoop on large gas fields off the West Australian coast. The most controversial of these projects, is the Browse Basin development, which involves the development of a

Space News: 'Strange Objects' Punch Holes in Saturn Ring, Will A Plan to Mine Asteroids Help Earth's Economy? [VIDEO]

  Half mile-wide objects that NASA and ESA experts are calling “strange” and “mysterious” have punctured holes in Saturn’s “weirdest” ring, known as the F ring…Ok, that’s three words that mean unusual, so you know that something odd is happening… The objects were observed by the Cassini orbiter probe and took some time and careful hunting by

Photos from the First Annual Recycled Art and Resource Expo (RARE)

  Hey Folks, here’s my photo blogging feature from RARE…the Recycled Art and Resource Expo…a three day event happening now in Bellingham, Washington (continues through Earth  Day, Sunday April 22, ’til 3pm).   So, if you’re in the neighborhood, I enthusiastically recommend that you stop by for the half day of events (and catch a

HostelBookers is Switching off for WWF's Earth Hour 2012

  HostelBookers, a budget accommodation specialist I’ve used numerous times, has announced that it is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour, the world’s largest campaign for action to protect the planet, in a number of ways. On March 31, 2012 at 8.30pm, the global skyline will be plunged into darkness as hundreds of millions of people, landmarks,

Bill McKibben: Man Who Took Down $7-Billion Oil Project

  Well, of course, Bill didn’t do it single-handedly. However, if there’s one person to credit with getting thousands of people to submit to arrest in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, and getting over 10,000 to circle the White House in protest, and hundreds of thousands to oppose the project online, it’s Bill McKibben.

Coal a Bad Energy Bet: Study

A recent study out of Vermont Law School finds that coal can’t provide U.S. energy security (who knew?) and comes with a myriad of downsides and societal costs (really?!). “The United States’ energy security won’t improve—and economic, social and environmental risks will expand exponentially—if the nation switches from oil to coal for most of its

Turn It Up to 11 Tomorrow – For Nigel or Just Because [VIDEO]

Last year it was 10/10/10 (and so on back in time)…but this year’s date triplet  seems a little different…Why? Well, ’cause it goes up to eleven, you see…. Although in the UK it’s written 11/11/11…The soon to be 11/11/11 date (tomorrow) has sparked a strange, unofficial, world-wide (well, Facebook wide ) holiday…Nigel Tufnel Day! And

Electric Blue Swirls Off Ireland (Photo of the Day)

Though looking at Ireland from space is always stunning, with it’s masses of dark green spread across the vast majority of the island, in this image there is something even more spectacular; the electric blue plankton bloom to the south. Captured by the European Space Agency’s Envisat satellite on 23 May, 2010, using the Medium

Madagascar From Space (Photo of the Day)

The world’s fourth largest island and the subject of quite a funny animated film, Madagascar is caught on camera by the European Space Agency’s satellite Envisat on 30 June, 2009. The image was caught using the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) instrument and shows very clearly the beautiful green and browns of the island. Source:

Aurora Australis from Space (Photo and Video of the Day)

For many of us, we’re never going to see an aurora. We simply live too far away from the poles. We might be able to make do with photos people have taken from the ground, but even that doesn’t match up with the video and image below, which show the aurora australis over Antarctica on September 11, 2005.

Weddell Sea Covered in Ice

Scientists working with NASA’s Operation IceBridge airborne research campaign started their third year of survey flights and captured this image of the sea ice covering the Weddell Sea.

The Climate Movement and Occupy Wall Street

We are all a movement for change for the better, whether that be towards a sustainable future, or whether it’s towards ending corporate rule over our economy. We must stand together for change, change that happens, change that makes sense, change that is in our hands, not in the hands of the 1% and not in the hands of people who put religion and their personal morals over our freedom.

OWS Protesters 'Milquetoast Radicals'? – A Rebuttal to NY Times' David Brooks Op-Ed

I seldom do opinion pieces, but sometimes, one opinion gets expressed – one amongst so many – that finally pushes me passed that proverbial tipping point. Case in (tipping) point, Tuesday’s op-ed by New York Times columnist David Brooks entitled ‘Milquetoast Radicals’ — a putative criticism of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Brooks’ main complaint – apart from the so far lack of a single coherent message (that presumably the media can then attack and dismiss) — is that protesters lack “big ideas”, offering only a litany of “small” complaints, thus offering only “small solutions.” As if it were the job of protesters to formulate economic policy for the country.

Lake Superior Surrounded by Fall Colours (Photo of the Day)

For those of you not living in North America or are stereotypically American and aren’t aware of the world beyond your own three metre personal space, Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America, and can be seen beautifully surrounded by the beginnings of autumn colour.

Aurora Timelapse Seen From Above

Many of us will never see an aurora with our own eyes, so we resort to videos and images on the internet. One of the most amazing I’ve ever seen is this series of still images collated into a timelapse video taken from the International Space Station on September 17.

Islands of Venice from Space (Photo of the Day)

Everyone has heard about the beautifully romantic city that is Venice, and sometimes we even get to see inside the city thanks to movies like The Italian Job and Casino Royale. However this beautiful image taken by Ikonos-2, a commercial satellite that provides panchromatic and multispectral high-resolution imagery for the European Space Agency shows us another, but just as spectacular view of the city.

Northern Siberia From Space (Photo of the Day)

The Thematic Mapper on the Landsat 5 satellite captured this natural-color image on June 15, 2009 of Omulyakhskaya and Khromskaya Bays which lie along the northern Siberian coast, southeast of the Lyakhov Islands while the ice still lingered on the sea surface and on some inland water bodies.

New Computer Chip 'Thinks' Like a Brain Cell

A collaboration between IBM and DARPA has produced “next generation” computer chips that adapt to unexpected inputs due to their structural mimicking of the brain’s neurons. Applications for these “neuro-synaptic chips” include analyzing financial market fluctuations and even predicting tsunamis.

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