Public Enemy Number One

By: Anthony J. Gerst With current events still unfolding in Pakistan the world stage has taken a turn for the worst. In his rush to create allies, the President’s saying ‘you either wit us or agin us,’ is showing itself as a dangerous two sided coin. Musharraf has milked this administration for billions of dollars

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Is Yellowstone Ready to Blow?

If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone National Park, you’ve undoubtedly waited for one of the most photographed and viewed natural phenomena to take place, Old Faithful erupting on it’s not-too-regular schedule. But if scientists are to be believed, Old Faithfuls act would be a spit in the ocean compared to the eruption of Yellowstone’s caldera.

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Plan, What Plan?

By: Anthony J. Gerst The last democratic presidential debate was coming in very sketchy on my computer. So I figured I would catch highlights on the news in the morning. Silly me, Halloween is scarier than Presidential politics, not. I doubt any of the candidates outlined a policy addressing Climate Change last night. I am

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Wave of the Future

Renewable energies are up against the wall right now, with skeptics and financial binds restricting what many believe to be humanities only hope for continuing clean and friendly power generation. “It’s too expensive” is often the cry of the politician, who seems to think that just because he’ll be dead, he doesn’t really mind if

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