Turn It Up to 11 Tomorrow – For Nigel or Just Because [VIDEO]

Last year it was 10/10/10 (and so on back in time)…but this year’s date triplet  seems a little different…Why? Well, ’cause it goes up to eleven, you see….

Although in the UK it’s written 11/11/11…The soon to be 11/11/11 date (tomorrow) has sparked a strange, unofficial, world-wide (well, Facebook wide ) holiday…Nigel Tufnel Day! And just who is NT?

Fans of the 1980’s legendary mockumentary This is Spinal Tap (directed by Rob Reiner) recognize Nigel (played by Christopher Guest) as the big-haired, heavy rocker of the eponymous (semi-fictional) metal band, who famously showed off his specially-made amplifier that “goes to eleven.”

Since then, the phrase ‘this goes up to eleven’ (or its variants) — which seemed to capture both the absurdity of the scene and the excessiveness of the 1980’s — has slowly crept into British and American hipster lingo to become a cherished quip when at certain times of cultural-techno geekiness, it’s is the ONLY thing to say…

And so, in honor of Nigel and his amp, tomorrow is a day for….what exactly? Well, turning the volume up to ELEVEN! Of course…no matter your cause — there are plenty of “go green” rallies and Occupy protests that could surely use some volume (given the current deafness of our politicos) — and even of you don’t have one except your own, you need no better excuse to make it LOUD…for that “extra push over the cliff”

Watch the famous scene from This is Spinal Tap (article continues):



And if that weren’t enough for you…in keeping with the numerology craze (as Stephen Colbert has pointed out about Herman Cains’ fixation of the number 45)…remember that 11 + 11 + 11 = 33  (that’s the age of Jesus when he either died, or got swept up to heaven, depending on you beliefs)…but in numerology, all double numbers must be added together to reduce them to a single number (with special significance)…

So, that means that 11 + 11 + 11 = 33 = 6 …and you can go even further with this sum by repeating it the same number of times as the original sum (3), given you 666….Do you see what I’m saying, now?

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