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Financing Options For Home Solar

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Even though the price of solar panels has dropped over the past few years, a solar energy system for your home will still cost $20,000 – 30,000. Most of us don’t have that kind of money just sitting around: if we do have those kind of assets, they’re tied

Free Home Solar Installation

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Seen an advertisement recently promoting “free solar installation” or “free solar panels” for your home? Figured it was probably some kind of shady deal with lots of catches involved? Perhaps, and you’re smart to investigate further. But don’t necessarily write those claims off, either: the offer of “free solar

Home Solar Is Your Clean, Quiet Power Plant

Originally published on Home Solar PV. You can be forgiven for not wanting to live next door to a traditional power plant. They’re big, noisy, and smelly, and even with the most modern of pollution controls, you probably still don’t want your family breathing whatever’s coming out of them. When it comes to coal or

Gulf Oil Spill Updates

Heard much about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico lately? Probably not… once the caps were in place on the well, the media largely moved on to other stories. Even the current slew of political advertising doesn’t seem to try to make much hay out of the US’ largest environmental disaster. But

Dancing Rabbit Eco Village: The Inside Scoop

Unless you live in an eco village or other form of intentional community, you’re probably curious about the lifestyle. You’ve probably already got some images stuck in your head (I know the commune from Easy Rider always comes to my mind). You may even cling to a few stereotypes. But, as you’ve seen here at

Human Interaction with Nature: The Grizzly Bear

Editor’s note: This is the last post in the “Human Interaction with Nature” series from students in Professor Simran Sethi’s “Media and the Environment” course at the University of Kansas. Our own Adam Bowman (who’s training is in videography) created this two-part wedisode on “the current debate about how to manage a growing Grizzly Bear

Human Interaction with Nature: Endangered Animal Species

Editor’s note: Part two of the “Human Interaction with Nature” series focuses on human impacts on fauna. This post was written by Lindsay Crupper, and originally published on Friday, May 9, 2008. While it is obvious that climate change affects humans across the globe, it also affects the animal kingdom as well. For millions of

Eco-Libris: Tree Planting Can Help Mitigate Global Warming

Editor’s note: Is planting trees a valuable tool for fighting climate change? Or is it a feel-good activity without much effect? Our friends at Eco-Libris point to another study which argues tree-planting can work in sequestering carbon dioxide. This post was originally published on Friday, May 16, 2008. There is an ongoing debate on the

Human Interaction with Nature: Benefits of Biodiversity

Editor’s note: For the last few months, we have run a number of guest posts from students in Professor Simran Sethi’s “Media and the Environment” course at the University of Kansas. We’ve all been pretty impressed with the work these students have done, so we were delighted to agree to publish a small-group final project

Hunger is a Perspective

By Anthony J. Gerst The war-torn and ravaged nation of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a rather confusing issue. A rapid-fired crash course on the subject brings up some interesting facts, however. This nation has basically been at war since 1998, and the result has been an estimated 3.5 million deaths. There are more

Tailpipes and Tribalism

By: Gavin Hudson Most of us never question our decision to buy and drive cars because we identify cars with our culture. “Driving is what people do.” That’s been the unspoken motto of the last handful of generations and it’s the lesson we’re teaching our children. Handing over the keys to the car is our

Action Round Up and Accolades

By: Anthony J. Gerst From Patagonia to the not-so-frozen Russian Tundra, unto the Brazilian tropical savannahs, the planet, “she be a changing, mate.” I consider it an honor to be writing for Planetsave. It is the freedom of pure expression that is the net-gem to be found here. Normally, when writing for this page, I

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