Sexy Alien Alice in Wonderland’s Green Halloween

Happy Halloween Planetsavers! If you’re like me, without fail, you are just now thinking of a Halloween costume for tonight’s festivities. As a woman, you really have only a few options, whore, whore or whore. What’s it going to be, sexy alien version of Alice in Wonderland (Paris Hilton’s Costume choice), sexy bat girl or global warming…aka Hot Earth. Sure men may applaud this, but there’s really a lack of creativity in a simple lack of clothing. This year, I’m going ugly…really ugly. I want to look like a domestic fight gone bad, a zombie past dead and a malnourished vampire all in one.

Regardless of the partying that awaits, we still can have a green Halloween. There are great tips on how to recyle our ghoulish pumpkins long after the holiday has past. When you toss you Jack-O’-Latern into the garbage it ends up in a landfill spewing out methane instead of simmering in your stove. Here are some great tips to keep your Halloween green, think Pumpkin Ravioli in a sage butter sauce.

halloween8_470×368.jpgPumpkins are surprisingly versatile and people are being encouraged to get in their kitchens and come up with creative cookery to transform them into soup, cakes, pies and even lasagne.

The shell of the pumpkin, which is inedible, can also be transformed into compost and, by adding a few autumn leaves, can help give your bin the right mix.

Ian Monson, the county council’s cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “When pumpkins are sent to landfill, they break down without any oxygen and create methane – a potent greenhouse gas.

“By having a go at using the pumpkin for cooking, much of the waste is avoided. Composting the rest of the pumpkin at home as well is more good news for the environment, as it creates a useful compost to feed your garden.”

Green county councillor Andrew Boswell said he loves pumpkin soup and also eats the vegetable as a casserole with roasted potatoes and parsnips. He said: “Most years we have about two organic pumpkins and we freeze the flesh outwards. It can last you the whole winter. Pumpkin soup is delicious and very nutritious. I would urge people to make use of their pumpkins after Halloween.”

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