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Caretakers of the Land

By: Anthony J. Gerst. The following is derived from a report issued by the Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute entitled ‘Destination Iowa: Getting To a Sustainable Biofuels Futures.’ Iowa is 88% farmland. This breaks down to 24.5 million acres of cropland with 51% planted in corn and 41% in soybeans. The next generation of biofuels […]

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Water Worries

By: Anthony J. Gerst It was maddening to hear that ole George put a veto stamp on the Water Resources Appropriations Bill. By press time we hope to see the Senate come on board and over ride this veto, as the House repassed this legislation 361-54. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa pointed out, in

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Public Enemy Number One

By: Anthony J. Gerst With current events still unfolding in Pakistan the world stage has taken a turn for the worst. In his rush to create allies, the President’s saying ‘you either wit us or agin us,’ is showing itself as a dangerous two sided coin. Musharraf has milked this administration for billions of dollars

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Plan, What Plan?

By: Anthony J. Gerst The last democratic presidential debate was coming in very sketchy on my computer. So I figured I would catch highlights on the news in the morning. Silly me, Halloween is scarier than Presidential politics, not. I doubt any of the candidates outlined a policy addressing Climate Change last night. I am

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