Public Enemy Number One

By: Anthony J. Gerstpublic_enemy.jpg

With current events still unfolding in Pakistan the world stage has taken a turn for the worst. In his rush to create allies, the President’s saying ‘you either wit us or agin us,’ is showing itself as a dangerous two sided coin. Musharraf has milked this administration for billions of dollars in military assistance as Dick and George have backed themselves into another corner.

Pakistan, for those of you not familiar with this nation is home to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), the territories along the Afghan-Pakistan border that many believe to be the current home address of public enemy number one, Bin Laden. For years close ties have existed among the military officers of Pakistan’s military and the Taliban. This nation between India and Afghanistan is heavily Islamic, and in possession of several nuclear weapons.

It should be obvious at the moment that this is the greatest crisis the world is facing regarding nuclear weapons. Having followed foreign affairs for the overwhelming majority of my life, I have no idea how to approach this issue; for me not to have an opinion is rare indeed. It is obvious that military action is off the table. What type of diplomacy can establish democratic rule to this country, if any? The key to rule in Pakistan has been the military for decades. The Bush administration has created a nightmare.

In what may turn out to be too little too late, the Republican minority in the House of Representatives has in record numbers called for the Impeachment of V.P. Dick Cheney. Of course elections next year are playing a role in this. Perhaps, however, our elected officials are trying to send a message to the White House: Do Not Take Military Action Against Iran. We are overstretched with our military and need to start repairing our American image abroad. We cannot hope for any action on this coming from the White House, but Congress, if they are willing, can start the process of healing. Impeachment proceedings on Cheney are a good sign that the Hill (collectively) may be awakening from their slumber.

Barring any attempt by the current administration to emulate Musharraf’s declaration of martial law, you have to feel sorry for the next administration. America’s image abroad is shattered, the dollar is diving, the Iraqi War and foreign policy in general are disastrous. The issue of uninsured Americans, the gap in economic stability in our nation, and finally the issue of climate change, which should be public enemy number one; the next President of these United States has their work cut out for them.

We need nothing short of a New Deal, Marshall Plan and the Man on the Moon Project all rolled into one within the next five years. Even with a landslide Democratic victory in 08 one has to wonder what can and will be accomplished? Let me close with what are probably my most controversial opinions held in comparison with my readership.

I still proclaim we need a draft in this nation. We need divisions of our military solely trained in Civilian Affairs, several units created that deal exclusively with hotspot climate disasters. This alone would improve our global image. As always my friends, we need to invest in the many uses of Industrial Hemp. It is past time, way past time, to confront Big Oil and Forestry. They know Industrial Hemp can replace them. They have known this since the 1930’s. What is it going to be people, a sustainable future with a little climate change, or a bumpy ride as humanity regresses into a more prime evil world?

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