Cool Your Green Mind Monday


  This: What a great video by the ever thoughtful Derek Sivers (via Life of Light). And another nice post from Life of Light that sort of goes with it: If you have a fault, consider well before you criticize another. Consider well before you think in a bad way about a friend, family member, spouse,

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Cycling For Everyone — an Expose: Organically Flowing

Seamlessly Integrated Bike Flow “Cycling is part of everyone’s life, because it was made part of everyone’s life.” This film, Cycling for Everyone, is a light, moving record of health and happiness. The film shows Amsterdam as a place where sharing the road is easy and safe. Inhabitants of this city and country value cycling so much that the rich and the

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On Life

  While I’m not actually a Buddhist (by traditional religious standards and boxes), this post below is a very good one that I think applies to anyone, no matter what your spiritual beliefs or practices are, so I’m sharing it in full here (image added). It was sent to me by email, but it looks

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The Bigger Picture — Sustainable Caring & Action (VIDEO)

I’ve been involved in environmental activism in one form or another since I was a teenager. It’s what I studied for my bachelor’s degree and I always seem to come back to it in every field of work I engage in.

One of the biggest struggles for an activist such as me (and perhaps you) is keeping a balance. Not getting overworked, overwhelmed, or putting too much on my (your?) own shoulders.

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Cool Your Green Mind Monday

Keeping up with all the environmental news (i.e. growing environmental problems, environmental failures by politicians, environmental disasters, and a few success stories here and there) can be tiring, frustrating, and saddening. I think it’s important for anyone interested in these matters to take a step back and view life from a wider perspective from time

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