Positivity (Cool Your Green Mind Monday)

Working on or caring about environmental issues is not like working at an amusement park — you get a lot more negative news than fun and games.

But focusing on negativity is not a way to live, and getting pulled down by the negative news just takes us to places we don’t want to go.

While struggling with these problems can be a downer at times, though, it is actually positive work and something to feel good about. This is something we have to remember.

I’m sure everyone who cares about the environment struggles with positivity from time to time, but my experience is that those working on it the most have more positive attitudes than others in the world. I have always thought it is because they don’t carry around the deep guilt of not doing anything, but who knows?

No matter how we approach these issues or what we do in our own lives, though, it is important for our own balance to keep a positive demeanor overall.

Without positivity, who are we going to bring into the cause?

Without positivity, how much energy are we going to have each day for the creative work we need to do?

Without positivity, what’s the point of our life anyway?

Without positivity, are we really making the world a better place to live in?

We can be realistic about the issues, but find a way to address them in a positive way and live a positive life. Positivity is a key to creative, not destructive, work.

If we struggle with this more than we think we should, perhaps we aren’t looking at the whole picture.

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