Earth Day 2013, Free Funny eCards For Earthday

For those looking to celebrate Earth Day with a bit of humor, and perhaps realism, I’ve gathered together some the funniest free ecards on the subject. Some of them are quite dead on…

Earthday ecard free

Free ecards Earthday

Global warming ecard free

For a bit of background on the holiday, Earth Day is a holiday held annually on April 22, that is celebrated in more than 192 different countries every year. The name and concept dates back to 1969. The genesis of the holiday was as something of a response to the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, and the political inertia on the subject.

In modern times, the holiday has something of a reputation of being all about talk and very limited action. One day of “concern for the environment”, followed by another year of carrying on as usual, participating in all of the same actions and lifestyles. This is a point that is well noted by the creators of these ecards, hence why they are so funny I suppose, there is certainly some truth to them.

Ecards free Earthday

Free ecard earth day

Free ecards

This one is my favorite:

Earth Day Florida ecard

For those looking for ways reduce their impact on the wider environment without necessarily completely changing their lifestyle, see: The Green Life. That article is a good place to start.

And for those looking to learn more about the profound effects that humans are having on world, see: Deforestation Effects, Causes, and Examples, A Top 10 List. That article goes into the details of the profound changes that have occurred as a result of human activity during the last couple of thousand years.

For more ecards, see the always great someecards.

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