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Hello Planetsavers! I thought I’d start doing a monthly wrap-up of our top 20 posts for people to have a glance at. Many of the top stories this month, as you’ll notice, were clearly tied into major world news events. Google is the main traffic driver for the large majority of sites on the Internet and ours isn’t an exception. Covering environmental news consistently, this often results in the biggest news stories rising to the top.

Note that these are the top 20 stories published in May. Some of our older pieces (such as: Global Warming Effects and Causes: A Top 10 ListCycling Shorts? Not For These Sexy Riders!119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths) consistently get a ton of views from Google or StumbleUpon, primarily, but I chose to leave those out of this list.

Anway, below are the top 20 from May (out of the 192 stories we wrote). I have to admit, that many of my favorites are not on the list — more obscure green living and activism stories, for the most part — but hopefully you caught them as well.

  1. “Obama Bin Laden is Dead” — FOX News is a Horrible Disgrace to the American People
  2. NASA Confirms Einstein’s Theory in ‘Epic’ Space-Time Experiment [VIDEO]
  3. Extreme Mississippi River Flooding from Space
  4. Images of Flooding along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
  5. White House Correspondents Dinner 2011: Obama Jokes about FOX News, Crazy Conspiracy Theorists, Trump {VIDEO}
  6. Iceland Volcano, Grimsvotn, Erupting (not Rapture, but hey..)
  7. Videos and Photos from the Mississippi Flooding
  8. Mississippi River Gets Radioactive Water Dumped into It from Nuclear Plant
  9. Grímsvötn Volcano Eruption 2011 {4 VIDEOS}
  10. Jumping Cockroaches! ‘Top Ten New Species’ of 2010 Announced
  11. Iceland Volcano Eruption Continues, Volcanic Ash May Hit UK, France, Spain
  12. Iceland: Grimsvotn Volcano Eruption Triggers Local Flight Ban {VIDEO}
  13. Are Tornadoes & Climate Change Linked?
  14. Bike to Work Day TODAY {Bike Photos & Top 10 Reasons to Bike}
  15. Mississippi River Floods, Texas Drought, and Global Weirding (& Food Prices/Crises)
  16. Tohoku Earthquake Increases Japanese Earthquake Risk
  17. Could the Japanese Earthquake Affect World Weather?
  18. Deadliest Tornado Outbreak Since 1974
  19. Honey Prairie Fire From Space {Photo of the Day}
  20. Cities with Worst Air Pollution (Top 10 List)

Stay tuned for another new monthly surprise (in which you can win some money)!

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