Blue Planet Run Foundation Makes Yard Sales Life Savers

Clear Clutter for Clean Water turns old stuff into a life-saving tool!CLEAR CLUTTER FOR CLEAN WATER (say that 5 times fast!)

Water is on the tip of everybody’s tongue these days. America is facing major crises with floods in some regions, hundreds of wild fires in others, and droughts throughout. As horrible as all of that may sound, the majority of us can all still go to our faucet and access safe and clean drinking water without a whole lot of effort. Not the case for many people worldwide.

Fact: 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water.

Fact: Countless women and children walk on average 4 miles just to fetch a jug of water that is not guaranteed to be safe to drink.

Fact: $30 provides one person with a lifetime of safe drinking water.

Organize a yard sale (the bigger, the better, the more fun). Create a blue box to collect money earned from selling items that are… you got it, BLUE. Voile – instant hero material! It helps to put the facts on the box (use facts from above) and let people know that they are helping you save lives!

Take photos, tell us your story and we will make you a hero on our website! Send to [email protected].

Tax deductible donations can be mailed to Blue Planet Run Foundation. 500 Sansome Street, Suite 205. San Francisco, CA  94111.

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