Carcinogen Found Present in Seventh Generation, Method, Avalon and Whole Foods Products

Some days I fall victim to the green noise syndrome; I’m so overloaded by the green options all around me I don’t know where to go. Bath and cleaning products are one place I always thought I had it right. If I buy the organic, I’m good to go. Or am I?

I just learned last week that in March, Seventh Generation, Method, and other companies that produced green cleaning products were under scrutiny by the Organic Consumers Association. When testing around a hundred “cosmetic, personal care and household cleaning formulas, [the Association] found that nearly 50% of them contained detectable levels of 1,4-dioxane, which is known to cause cancer in lab animals.” Method, Planet Ultra and Seventh Generation’s “natural” dish cleaning products were among those products that tested positive. All manufacturer’s who tested for 1,4 were asked to remove their “organic” and “natural” labels or they’d face a lawsuit. Just when I thought I was cleaning consciously, I have to go through another round of making change in my lifestyle.

My confusion about what to buy got even greater this week when I found out California was taking more “organic” companies to court. Avalon (Alba), Nutribiotic and Whole Foods are all facing penalties for producing products containing 1,4-dioxane, too. Present in most common bath/body/cleaning products, 1,4-dixoane is not only a carcinogen but has been shown to cause liver and kidney damage simply by “breathing, ingesting” or touching it.

If you’re wondering, like I was, who is a safe choice to buy these days, Burt’s Bees, Clorox Green Works and Dr. Bronner’s all tested 1,4 free. See the results of the 1,4 test here.

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    1. I am just beginning to use Melaleuca products with a serious intent to find out all I can. At this time
      I am convinced the company is highly ethical and the products are wonderful, safe, and they work.
      This is what I know at the moment and I am very excited to have discovered the products again!

  1. 1,4 dioxane is a by product that is formed anytime Sodium (or Amonium) Laurel Sulfate is chemically altered to form Sodium (or Amonium) Laureth Sulfate. While body care products must list the ingredients they contain, cleaners need not list any ingredients at all. This makes it difficult to determine the safety of any given cleaner. Two companies that I am aware of that produce safe products are ONE Group of Australia (www, and Young Living( ONE Group has a full line of certified organic skin and body products. They also have a probiotic cleaner and just came out with a non toxic dish soap. Young Living also has chemical free body care and an antibacterial cleaner called Theives that utilizes esential oils. BTW – On my blogsite you can hear me talk about how to decipher labels and you can download a free eboook called “Chemical Coctails” on my website

  2. Stephen Fox, Managing Editor Santa Fe Sun News

    Wow, Alex: you were on to this way before almost everybody! I am truly impressed, and would like to ask you to write an article for Santa Fe Sun News, of which I am the Managing Editor. You can send it to me…[email protected]

    I have been sending this all over the United States:

    California vs. Whole Foods’ Carcinogens in Soap

    Entire shocking story is at the above URL. Please share it with your friends, colleagues, family, and cancer survivors. Thank you!

    California Suit Against Whole Foods for Carcinogen in Body Care Products, with Corporate Puff Response from CEO John Mackey and the Truth from Nutritionist Cheryl Rounds

    “Organic” Megamerchant Waited Until After Suit Was Filed to Remove Offending Body Care Products! Time to Dump Your Shares?

    I have asked the Federal Trade Commission to revisit their earlier correct ruling that the Whole Foods/Wild Oats merger is a monopoly and as such is a violation of the antitrust statutes.

    Stephen Fox
    Founder, New Millennium Fine Art
    [email protected]

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