Hummer H2 Gets Owned in Hill Climb Race by Ford Model T Driven by a 70 Year old man

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It wasn’t a fair fight at all, but for funsies, a vintage-car hill-climb allowed Forbes Magazine to enter a late model HUMMER H2. You know, just to see how the 316-hp, 4WD SUV would do against, say, a 100-hp 1921 Model T driven by a 70-year-old man. Like we said, it wasn’t fair at all.

The HUMMER climbed the 475-foot-tall hill in 10.74 seconds and didn’t even break a sweat. Among those not surprised at the HUMMER’s prowess was Gary Le Fever, the Model T driver who was waiting at the top of the hill for the H2. Le Fever and his 86-year-old Ford had finished the climb in 9.96 seconds!

27 thoughts on “Hummer H2 Gets Owned in Hill Climb Race by Ford Model T Driven by a 70 Year old man”

  1. Nice! I’d say the price of both vehicles is about the same, now days. Oh, and what’s the availability of maintenance on these Model T’s now days? Are parts fairly easy to get in the city, and rural areas, for timely repairs, if I’m on the road? …and what kind of load would I be able to put inside the Model T? Would it hold my family of seven? …and uhmm.. I’m positive that the Hummer is nicer to the environment. There have been amazing advances in the amount of emissions in modern vehicles.

    The speed of a vehicle, climing a hill, when it’s only two seconds difference, or less, is absolutely not worth it, when you consider these things. I’d say the old man should enjoy his little old truck and leave the real work to the young guys, in the Hummer.

    lol fail

  2. To Sean and anon, just to clear up how much the Model T had been “modernised”.

    Le Fever’s speedster had 100hp, rather than the Model T’s customary 20. Its transmission, wheels, chassis, frame and radiator all came from 1921. But it also had some non-original parts, including Model A cranks and rods, an overhead valve unit built for 1920s dirt-track racing and dual carburettors from the 1930s.

  3. There’s nothing to suggest this was a race, therefore a snail may have made it quicker than the Hummer if the Hum was going slow enough.

  4. I actually watched this on TV a couple months back, I can’t remember what channel it was on. They did a series of like 5 competitions and the model T won.

    In the hummers defense the Model T driver hauled ass up the hill without much concern for his vehicle and the Hummer driver seemed to take it really slow as not to bash the edge of the much wider H2 on the walls of the path.

    I would like to see what would happen if both drivers hauled ass without concern for the body of the vehicle, but to my recollection the shorter wheelbase was a huge advantage for the model T on that particular course.
    It was very impressive seeing an old Model T dominate a hill like that though.

    Other competitions that I can remember was a drag race of down and back, and a course that featured a hairpin turn next to a cliff.

  5. Hmmm, you would think that such an event would produce some video or pictures. so your claim is entirely unverifiable, just some silly hummer bashing (which is a good cause btw).

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