Elephants in Captivity Teach Humans a Lesson

The BBC posted a new report stating that elephants in captivity do not live as long as their free-roaming counterparts. Also, they are noticeably more stressed and unhealthy by comparison.

Seems logical.

What struck me most from this article is how we can replace the word “elephants” with “humans” and the same rings true.

During the average day, the average person spends 8 to 10 hours in captivity at the office, another 1 or 2 in their car, and the rest in the confines of their house/apartment.

It’s time to re-think your captivity. To stop being average. Spend your time spending your time.

Nobody EVER (I’m guessing) said on their death bed, “I wish I watched more TV. I wish I did less, loved less.”

Like the elephant, you have one life–LIVE it! The elephants unfortunately do not have a choice. You do!

Get outdoors!!!

ImageCredit: Wikimedia Commons GNU Free Documentation License

1 thought on “Elephants in Captivity Teach Humans a Lesson”

  1. good point! way to make a great connection!

    but also, we need to be a voice for the voiceless. we need to take a stand in our lives that says NO to animal exploitation. because you’re right that the elephant does not have a choice — and this is unacceptable, is it not?

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