PETA Doubles KFC's Offered Price For Pothole Advertising

Did you hear about KFC’s offer to fill the potholes in Louisville and four other US cities? Well, they’ve asked to be allowed to stencil an ad onto the pavement in exchange. Predictably, PETA and their KFC Cruelthy campaign now want some of the action.


“KFC might concentrate instead on improving conditions for the chickens it abuses, but it won’t, so we’re offering to double the money that KFC offered the City of Louisville—if the city will use our ads against KFC cruelty on its potholes instead,” reads a post today on PETA’s blog.

The organization will also send workers dressed as “Cruel Colonel,” a character they already use in other KFC protests.

Louisville, being the Yum! Brands-owned franchise’s hometown, already accepted KFC’s offer and construction is underway. While PETA probably won’t have much luck there, Chicago sounds like they’d be all ears:

“Our hope is to launch it sometime this year,” Chicago Transportation Department spokesman Brian Steele said regarding KFC’s original offer. “Our reason for considering programs like this is in an era of dwindling resources, we feel it’s prudent to look at public-private partnerships.”

[Via The PETA Files]

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