Learn How to Prevent Global Warming On Your Way To Work

By now you are aware that there are many ways to prevent global warming, but I would like to focus on things that you can do to help stop global warming on your way to work. First, it is useful to know exactly how Americans are commuting to work to realize just how much improvement can be made to make commuting more energy-efficient and less of an environmental impact.

And as the human population continues to grow, it will become an increasingly desperate race to find more effective modes of transport.

U.S. commuting statistics

Here are some important statistics about American commuters:

  • There are 128.3 million daily commuters in America
  • 90.7% of all commuting is on the US road network
  • 75.7% of commuters drive alone, versus 12.19% who carpool
  • A mere 0.38% bicycle, and 2.93% walk to work
  • In total, only 4.6% of commuters use public transport

As is clear, most commuters are driving to work, and they are driving alone. Less than one in 20 people uses public transit, and less than one in two hundred rides a bike to their job.

Change the way you get to work

You can help prevent global warming by changing the way you get to work. The simplest option might be to carpool with a friend or co-worker. You can not only lessen your carbon footprint, but save money on gas expenses, too. And fewer vehicles on the road means less traffic.

Save frustration by taking the bus or train. Instead of sitting behind idling vehicles after a long day’s work, you can nod off and rest as a passenger. Public transport will become increasingly important as fluctuating gas prices and ever-increasing traffic become a hindrance to getting to work.

You can improve your health and prevent global warming by bicycling or walking to work. If you commute within a small town or a city, this is a no-brainer way to not only save energy and money, but get much-needed exercise during your daily routine. (Did you know that less than 1/5 of Americans exercise on a daily basis?)

Individual changes add up

It is unfortunate that humans are the primary cause of global warming, but you can feel empowered knowing that you have the choice to make a difference. Together, we have the opportunity to help stop global warming through our own personal actions. Preventing global warming can become a reality if we take the necessary steps, so why not start with changing how you get to work?

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  1. I use my car a lot less–taking the bus to work, walking to shops and restaurants near my home. I've reduced my carbon footprint quite a bit, plus it saves wear-and-tear on my car. And I've discovered fun things to do that are close to home.

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