SUV Driver Rams Cyclist, Flees, Then Gets Off With Citation

In another case of Critical Mass road rage, the driver of a white SUV received nothing but a citation after ramming a cyclist during Washington, D.C.’s ride last night, according to witness accounts.


After the hit-and-run, bicyclists took off after the SUV, which tried to escape on the wrong side of the road. Police arrived shortly, and instead of arresting the driver, detained a cyclist who aggressively pursued the vehicle.

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After first hitting the cyclist, the driver and the victim exchanged words before he took off down the wrong side of the road. A couple blocks later, the driver tried to pull a U-turn but crashed into a planter box on the sidewalk, where the cyclists caught up with him.

When the SUV started to move again, they surrounded the it and opened its doors. One person, who was later detained, entered the vehicle in an attempt to shut off the engine, a witness said.

The cyclist who was hit was not injured, but his bike was severely damaged. Unfortunately the hit was not captured on video, but someone recorded audio of the aftermath:

MP3 here

Critical Mass, a gathering of bicyclists in protest of fossil-fuel-based transportation, occurs in hundreds of cities across the world and is typically held on fridays.

The information in this post comes from an witness account and audio recording posted on DC’s IndyMedia website. The police nor the driver have issued any statements.

20 thoughts on “SUV Driver Rams Cyclist, Flees, Then Gets Off With Citation”

  1. Critical Masser

    I was at this event and am a real cyclist (not a posuer who hates on CM) and there was no provocation on behalf of the cyclist hit. He was at the light and the light was about too turn green and he started too move as it turned green and the SUV struck him as he was moving forward like he normally does anytime he rides a bike, he didn’t stop at the green light to piss the driver off he just started rolling. Then after the driver hit the cyclist and destroyed his bike he backed up assuming to give the cyclist space after hitting him but instead ran over the bike again and made a hard right turn from the far left lane at a red light and proceeded to speed off down the road on the left side of the road into oncoming traffic lane narrowly avoiding collision he made a right turn again and was stopped by cyclists who had to jump into his car and physically stop him before he hurt anyone else. During that period the driver tried while people were hanging out of his vehicle to ram more cyclists and speed forward but thanks too the brave work of two cyclists the driver only managed to damage a fence surrounding a tree. Though through all of this nothing happened to the driver even though he broke several laws and put many peoples lives at risk including my own.

    Even if the story was different and the rider had stayed stopped at a green light (which was not the case at all in fact it was the opposite) the driver still should not have accelerated and he should have been locked up for his crimes. Road rage is not acceptable behavior. If this guy had pulled out a gun and shot someone he would have either been shot and killed or put in jail why is this any different? He assaulted someone with a deadly weapon then fleed the scene breaking numerous other laws most especially reckless endangerment along the way and finally ended up destroying city property. Sounds too me like a big time criminal act.

    People like him should not have DL’s. They should be barred from driving unless they go through a rigorous training and testing program at least once a year. If they are going to drive like maniacs then why exactly are they allowed on the road?

    @ Jeff: You are not a cyclist you probably don’t ride much at all. You may have a fancy expensive bike gathering dust in your garage but if you knew shit about what happened and about cycling you would not want to give that asshole in the SUV a key too the city. You are a fake and a loser. My guess is your parents just never quite took the time too love you and so you are taking your anger out on victims of hit and runs and just on cyclists because I guess you think it is easy to attack them. I almost want to consider the possibility of maybe at one point in the distant future think about feeling sorry for you but then reality sinks in and I just can’t.

    @ all the other anti CMers: Seriously go fuck yourselves stop portraying CM as some biker gang, it is a group of random people who come together for a love of bikes and a realization that cars aren’t always the answer. You don’t like CM then don’t go but don’t bad mouth them because not all of them are rich white people who ride expensive road bikes in tight spandex clothes emblazoned with corporate logos on their bluetooths. Quit your whining and get a life. I have rode Critical Mass for probably about 6 years and I still continue to do so too this day because it is fun. It is nice riding with other people that aren’t pretentious assholes with BMW’S with bike racks in the back. Sure sometimes it gets a little crazy but not because of CM but because car drivers tend to be impatient assholes when they cannot speed through the city. They like everyone else needs to just chill and enjoy life and stop fucking complaining about cyclists and bicycles having some fun once and a while.


  2. It does not matter if the story is from one side or not. Some people during critical mass have been known to get out of hand and get aggressive at cars but I know for a fact that I can be peacefully biking to my destination and have had many cars try to run me off roads, bridges and so on. Ive had people yell horrible things at me, throw things at me, and drive through water just to get me wet. So I would not be shocked at the driver of the SUV. Even if the rider was starting something, in no way does it give the drive the right to hit the person. He could have killed him.
    As for all of you that are talking trash, you are the reason for U lock justice. Don’t talk trash and expect us to sit back peacefully.
    You for you’re ignorance and bastardness deserve whatever you get towards your own violence towards riders.

  3. I am a cyclist and think that Crital Mass is a load and a bad view of cyclists. Cyclists have every right to be on the road as autos, and should obey laws as well. I don’t start trouble with cars, but when they do with me, I retaliate for sure. I’ve kicked in the grilles and lights of many automobiles.

  4. As a pedestrian, cyclist and occasional driver, I’ve had problems with other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

    There are always sticky situations and rude people. They aren’t limited to only car drivers, only bus riders or only bicyclists.

  5. If Critical Mass members were to stop at red lights, that would probably stop any accusations of rowdiness.

    I’ve been in CMs in SF twice before. The SFPD were helpful and ran car control for us, and generally there were few issues. It’s fun, once a month, to be able to bike about without worrying about getting run over.

    It’s sad that cars are given precedence over all other forms of transportation. And now car companies want bailout money – my taxes? F— them.

    The combined _advertising_ budgets of all the car companies operating in the US is larger than all US public transportation agencies’ _operating_ budgets. Think about it.

  6. I was hit by an SUV during a critical mass in DC too. The jerk drove off. It was crazy. I went to the police station with the plate number, a bloody leg and a broken bike. The cops didn’t do anything.

  7. Idiots, all of you who think that hitting ANYTHING with your car should be defended.

    Bicyclists should be given right of way over motorcars, for many reasons, including:
    1) They have no protection, no crumple zones, no airbags, and often, no insurance.
    2) They go slower than cars, take up very little space, and do not cause toxic pollution.

    Anyone who thinks that hitting a bicyclist, no matter how arrogant he may be, should have their license revoked, their car impounded, should rent a bike and see what it feels like to cycle at high speeds among multi-ton steel tanks on the road. While you’re at it, remember that some of them would be happy to ram you.

  8. @sebastian – CM participants started the polarization by antagonizing the cities they ride in.. I have no problem sharing the road with bikes. I’m on my bike half the time, I have problems GIVING the road to a bunch of arrogant violent punks on bikes.

  9. a bike rider myself, i find that bike riders in general are a-holish.. they practically mow down pedestrians walking on sidewalks (when they can’t brave the streets), blow through stop signs/red lights/etc.. and take over traffic lanes just for spite, like they f’ing own the place. f’em. they bring it on themselves and they need to be doored more often.

  10. Great, guys – keep leaving angry, polarizing comments about how you’d like to kill some cyclists. WTF is wrong with people these days? Everybody seems to be itching to brawl at the drop of a hat. Take a step back, relax, and chill out. We’re all just trying to get through our day on one piece here.

  11. Fark you Critical Mass. As a cyclist, you do more damage to our lifestyle than anyone else. You and your whiny protests do nothing to further our cause and are just a bunch of babies trying to cause trouble so you have something to cry about later. The driver should have received keys to the city.

  12. Critical massers are a-holes. They deserve whatever they get. If you want to share the road, share it, follow the traffic laws, and I’ll follow the traffic laws. you want to take over the road and act like arrogant jerks, don’t act surprised when someone runs you over. I’ve more than once seen them get violent here in Chicago. Breaking windows with chains and u-locks. If I feel threatened by critical massers, won’t hesitate to drive through a crowd of them.

  13. The Swerving Public is a negligent group that is hostile to riding of bicycles.

    I’d flee if I hit one of them as well, as it could quickly turn into a mob scene.

    THIS is why it’s good to carry concealed.

  14. Real cyclists never ride on the sidewalk. And to the first poster, you do not deserve to concealed carry if you are threatening people like that. Weapons are for responsible people who would stop and deal with the situation, not hit someone, drive off, then threaten to shoot them.

    I am much more aggressive than other cyclists, and if you hit my friend and drove away, you should expect me to chase you down, at the very least. Drivers need to take responsibility for their actions, when you hit someone, stop, give your insurance info in case they are injured, make sure they are alright, call an ambulance if needed. You’re in a multi ton metal box, it is necessary for you to be responsible.

    And yes, I see that this article only has the side of the cyclists, but I have seen this situation countless times.

  15. atlanta cyclist

    I won’t go so far as to say the biker may have deserved, however, the Critical Mass participants are hardly cyclists. They are the rudest, most ignorant group of bikers I have ever encountered. I was very happy with the APD finally started ticketing them for running red lights/stop signs. It’s these sorts of people that give cyclists a bad name/reputation.

  16. Alex Felsinger


    I clearly state that this is based off of a first-hand account from one side, and that the other side’s story isn’t available yet. If you hear anything else, please let me know and I will update the blog post. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out as well because I too would love to know more about this story.


  17. This ‘article’ shows only one side of the story and that too without any proof whatsoever other than an audio clip. Get the police official statement at least and then maybe, just maybe that ‘just a citation’ would make sense.

  18. dear mr car driver

    I can only hope that the first poster here is joking, he would flee after hitting a cyclist then if caught, pull a gun? WTF is wrong with you?

  19. dear mr. bike rider

    You’re clearly not a city bike rider, “bike rider.” There are retards biking on sidewalks, granted, and they should bike on the road in most cases. But then you say that they take over traffic lanes “just for spite.” Where should they go, if they can’t be on the sidewalk, and shouldn’t take over a lane? Most city streets don’t have adequate bicycling lanes. And to say “f’em” and hope that they get doored? F— you. Getting doored can often lead to catastrophic injuries and it’s pretty ridiculous for you to wish that upon anyone.

  20. Critical Mass is a vigilante group that is hostile to drivers of automobiles.

    I’d flee if I hit one of them as well, as it could quickly turn into a mob scene.

    THIS is why it’s good to carry concealed.

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