Dutch Kids Ride Bicycle-Bus to School!


A bicycle bus! I have to admit, I didn’t see one of these when I lived in the Netherlands! (For a bunch of photos of the cool things I did see, however, check out this bicycle photo tour of Groningen.)

The Dutch company De Café Racer developed this fun bicycle-bus, a good mode of transportation that keeps our air clean, our water clean, our climate livable, and lets kids use their massive amounts of energy and get some needed exercise!

The bicycle-bus is steered by one adult and can have up to 10 children pedaling.

“The bright yellow bus is designed for riders aged 4 to 12, and its stability and high visibility provide a safe, early introduction to cycle commuting in a country where bicycling is a way of life and 95 percent of teenagers bike to school at least some of the time,” Kate Malongowski of Yes! Magazine.

“The bus has a base speed of 10 miles per hour, and a motor for backup if the students are too tired to pedal or need help with hills. Other features include a music player and a canvas cover for shelter on rainy days. There’s even a bench seat where two additional children can sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Fun stuff.

And, really, as much as clean air, clean water, a livable climate, and good health are important, I don’t know if anything trumps the great fun involved in bicycling! Such bicycle super-vehicles just add to the potential for fun.

Goes well with the traffic garden in Utrecht.

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