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Wall Street Bought Politics for Chump Change

Politico has a story up about how unhappy big-money donors on Wall Street are with President Obama. He’s taking the side of the smelly Occupy Wall Streeters and saying mean things about his nice, responsible banker friends! They may just close their checkbooks and stay home, or worse, give all their money to Mitt.
But as I read the article, it struck me that Politico had totally missed the real story here – that these whiney Wallstreeters had purchased themselves a government for a spectacularly tiny sum.

October 20th

Not Jobs vs the Environment, but Clean vs Dirty Jobs

All of these gains are being put in peril by the energetic efforts of the Canadian tar sands lobby in the United States. According to the Council, uncertainty in tax policy, pollution restrictions and performance standards are putting future clean energy jobs at risk. Tar sands interests in Alberta and Canada are actively promoting this uncertainty in Washington DC, state governments and municipalities. The tar sands industry sees the emerging U.S. clean energy industry as a threat to its biggest market and is doing everything in its power to undermine it.

October 13th

OWS: Veterans Beaten, Arrested at Occupy Boston

A number of actions are occurring tonight: In Boston, police raided the Occupy Boston camp #2, arrested about 100 people, beat Veterans for Peace, and destroyed all of the occupiers’ property — unlike in San Francisco, where tents and possessions were loaded in vans and returned the next day, the Boston Police loaded everything in garbage trucks and crushed them.

October 11th