Exposed! Justin Bieber Proves Global Warming a Hoax!

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How does bullshit propagate on the Internet? Easily.

Some guy says something crazy – like “Justin Bieber loves him Sharia Law” or “Most scientists don’t believe in global warming.” Then a few people repeat it. Suddenly it’s everywhere. And for well-meaning folks who haven’t actually looked that deeply into things, it just looks like there’s some sort of controversy, and not being experts, they’ll just take the word of someone they trust – like the friend who forwarded them the last email.

Wait a minute – did I say “Justin Bieber loves him Sharia Law”?

Yeah. It seems the parody website CelebJihad published an obvious spoof report on the teen idol:

Justin Bieber has weighed on the controversy surrounding the so-called “Ground Zero” Mosque. In an interview with Tiger Beat, the pop sensation stressed that freedom of religion is what makes America great, and went on to say that those who oppose the Mosque are motivated by bigotry.

What does this have to do with global warming? Nothing… And everything…. Read the full post at

2 thoughts on “Exposed! Justin Bieber Proves Global Warming a Hoax!”

  1. What is the point of your lame article? You think just because someone says global warming is a fraud and a few other people say it that this is why there is a controversy then you have to pull a celebrity’s name into it in order to attract readership to your pathetic logic? This is what the global warming debate is made up of,those who cannot justify their point of view and resort to ridiculous forms of arguments they cannot possibly hope to justify. This is emblematic of the insane world we are forced to live in with insane people who manufacture reasons to compromise our way of life. Get help.

    1. Doc Vega: it seems you have missed several points of this article (& did you even go over to the main post & read it in full?) once you read the full piece, feel free to comment again & we’ll see if we can help you with your concerns

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