State of the Environmental Union, 2012

2012 state of the union

By many standards, Barack Obama has been the greenest President in our lifetime.

Sure, he still has lots to do, and in his State of the Union address (full text and video at this link) he talked about that last nigth. He said he won’t back down from sensible environmental regulation; he’s committed do moving forward on clean green energy; he’s putting in new policies that will make fracking cleaner.

He even mentioned climate change, even if he can’t do much about it with the current crop in Congress.

Yes, he also talked about more drilling for oil and natural gas… countered with talk of clean energy and conservation.

Send a message to President Obama that you support him in taking stronger stances on the environment – either a basic message on the White House website, or by sending a donation via the ActGreen PAC page on Today of all days, show you support the greenest President we’ve seen in a generation.

Was this a perfect speech? No, but it’s the best we’re going to get, you can be sure of that. And the GOP response by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels just doubled down on that (full text here). If anyone was expecting anything other than the standard GOP boilerplate, they were disappointed tonight.

At a time when most Americans say they could care less about the deficit, that as (as usual) the prime focus. And when what Americans are really worried about is jobs, and reviving the economy, the GOP’s only solution continues to be tax cuts (mostly for the wealthy).

It’s particularly galling when you realize that while George W. Bush was racking up monumental debt in order to pay for the first two rounds of tax cuts for the wealthy, Mitch Daniels’s was Bush’s BUDGET DIRECTOR.

That’s right. The guy that busted the budget is now lecturing us on deficits.

Tonight’s State of the Union demonstrated yet again that when it comes to the environment, we’re not likely to see anyone greener in the oval office.

Full rundown of the green (and some not-so-green) points at Red Green and Blue.

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