Video: What will climate change do to the oceans?

ocean-climate-impactsVia SkepticalScience (“Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism”), we were pointed to this excellent talk on the impact climate change will have on the oceans. (SkepticalScience is a great resource for debunking climate denier arguments.)

John Bruno, one of the participants, posted the discussion by his friend and colleague Dr. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg from a session the two of them organized on climate change impacts on ocean ecosystems at the NCSE  Our Changing Oceans meeting a few weeks ago in Washington, DC.


Here’s the session summary:

Rapidly rising greenhouse gas concentrations are driving ocean systems toward conditions not seen for millions of years, with an associated risk of fundamental and irreversible ecological transformation. Changes in biological function in the ocean caused by anthropogenic climate change go far beyond death, extinctions and habitat loss: fundamental processes are being altered, community assemblages are being reorganized and ecological surprises are likely.


  • Listen to a discussion including Gaines and Bruno on NPR’s Science Friday
  • Download many of the papers referred to in the talks here

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