Filibuster Reform is Good for the Planet

(From our sister blog, Red Green & Blue)

We can’t protect the planet if popular measures supported by majorities of Americans can’t even come up for a vote in the Senate. Which is why it’s good that all 53 returning Democratic Senators have signed on to a letter calling for filibuster reform.

The filibuster – a procedure that’s supposed to be used rarely and sparingly to slow down action to protect minority rights – is now completely out of control. Back when Jimmy Stewart dramatized the tactic in 1939′s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” filibusters averaged one a year. During Eisenhower’s 8 years, there were only two. In the last two years: 136.

As a result, a host of bills languished and died without ever being considered, including a national energy policy, work on climate change, and protecting wilderness lands.

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1 thought on “Filibuster Reform is Good for the Planet”

  1. The use of constant filibusters is just more of Repug dirty tricks. This is a tool that should be taken OUT of the Repug toolbox or put in a lockbox, to be removed in only very rare and important decision occasions.

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