Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate

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(From our sister blog, Red Green & Blue)

Industry must really want the Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510). It was dead, dead, dead – the clock had run out, and considering the gridlock in Washington, the fact that Jim DeMint (R-SC) had promised he would block most everything the Democrats brought up, and Tom Colburn (R-OK) had promised he would personally fillibuster this bill, there was no way that was going to change.

And yet, it somehow snuck onto the Senate schedule late Sunday (something Harry Reid couldn’t even do for the Defense Appropriation Bill that funds our military), and was approved by unanimous consent.

Which leads us to wonder… who wanted this so badly that they were able to strong-arm the normally un-herdable Senate?

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4 thoughts on “Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate”

  1. You must be kidding? You think the Washington gridlock is real? That’s exactly what they want you to think.

    No, it is simply a dog-and-pony show to make it appear as if someone is making a stand, when all the while, the deals have been made in back rooms.

    After the drama “plays” out for the unsuspecting public, the hammer falls and the winner is always their real bosses, the mega corporations. In this case, the mega, AGRA corporations. We, the People have been duped again by OUR elected officials. Big surprise–again!!!

    They have performed for us again, dragging things out so that people forget about it, like this bill, which was shoved through the Senate on a Sunday night when there would be NO news coverage of it (thank God for C-Span and some vigilant people watching for this). If this thing passes, you will eventually be unable to buy any kind of raw food. The only food available will be overly processed crap from these mega food corporations.

    Bon Appetit!

  2. Who wanted it? Maybe all the organizations who supported it. Try asking the consumer groups and sustainable agriculture groups. Try checking the food manufacturers and distributers. Try the public health organizations.

    1. WTF are you talking about? Who wanted it? WHO?

      The mega agra corporations who will be in total control of the food supply if this thing passes, and it will eventually mean NO MORE FRESH,REAL food—at all.

      It will all have to be licenses, stamped, and shrink wrapped to make sure it’s “safe”, which means that most of the small farmers and businesses will NEVER be able to afford these new regulations and will go out of business—just like the big agra corporations want.

      What consumer groups are for this? The ones who are paid off by big agra–that’s WHO? Consumer’s Union being one–what a joke they are and what sustainable agriculture groups would be for this bill: Large, mega ones-that’s who, again to put a nail in the coffin of small businesses and food producers.

    2. Thank you Who. A voice of reason at last. This was a broadly supported bill with supporters clearly identified. Why people have to keep calling it some sort of hidden conspiracy is beyond me. My suspicion it is one of those “recreational hysteria” things. People just need to get knee-jerk hysterical about something or other so why not this?

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