What’s Funny About Climate Change?

The People’s Climate March is over, but unfortunately the real phenomenon has just gotten started. A lot of great cartoons, photoons, and stories are going around the internet these days about climate change. All of them keep the subject top-of-mind, but with a touch of humor we can’t really do without.

Herewith, one of Michael Mann’s favorites, via Greg Laden and Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune does "Climate change is real" (screenshot)

One of the classics, courtesy of the Rainforest Site:

There is no Planet B (rainforest site)

A touch of reality from owsposters.tumbler.com:

Which makes more sense? toon

Who’s who at the UN, thanks to Monte Wolverton at caglecartoons.com.

"Climate Negotiations" (Monte Wolverton/caglecartoons.com)

And a ray of hope from our friends at Upworthy.

Why? Why not? photoon (Upworthy)

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