Climate Change and Health, Epic New Book Out.. & You Can Win It!

climate change and health

Last month, we covered an epic new study by Dr. Paul Epstein, the Director of Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment, and eleven other co-authors on the human health effects of coal and how much it is costing us in the United States.

The study, “Full Cost Accounting for the Life Cycle of Coal,” was the first to track the multiple human health and environmental impacts of coal from mining, electricity production, unused waste, and more. The result: coal is costing the U.S. public up to $500,000 in health costs.

Now, Dr. Epstein and award-winning science journalist Dan Ferber have a new book out on a similar but even bigger topic, the health impacts of climate changeChanging Planet, Changing Health: How the Climate Crisis Threatens Our Health and What We Can Do about It.

The book, which is to be published on April 4 by the University of California Press, covers numerous critical links between climate change and health that many probably wouldn’t even think about as well as promising solutions to climate change. It has already received some tremendous acclaim from leaders in this field.

Praise for Changing Planet, Changing Health

“You’ll never find a clearer or smarter explanation of one of the toughest problems the world faces as the Holocene ebbs and the warming era begins,” says Bill McKibben, who was named “the nation’s leading environmentalist” by the Boston Globe in 2010 and has numerous big achievements to his name.

Changing Planet, Changing Health is a landmark book that will raise our consciousness about how we should respond to a growing emergency and save lives,” Al Gore says.

What Changing Planet, Changing Health Covers

The book explains how global warming is linked to cholera, malaria, Lyme disease, asthma, and other major health threats. It connects cutting-edge scientific and medical information with the true stories of people around the world in easy-to-read English.

The book also offers numerous sustainable solutions that would not only benefit human health and the environment, but would also help address other critical problems like fuel shortages, rising food costs, and financial instability.

You Can Win the Book!

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  1. One solution to slowing down climate change would be adopting a meat-free diet, or at least eating less meat and more organically raised, locally grown veggies.

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