Republicans Come Around, Propose Climate Change Legislation!

The science is absolutely clear, climate change is happening (at an unprecedented speed) and this is caused by humans. However, for a long time, Republicans remained the only major political party in the world to deny these facts and deny any need to act. Actually, the Bush administration and other top Republicans finally admitted to this for awhile until the false scandal (or misunderstood scandal) known as climategate, unprecedented funding for anti-science studies and claims, and horrendous coverage of these topics in the media. Republicans and even some Democrats, funded by massive fossil fuel industries only interested in making another buck, fought climate change legislation tooth and nail and even fought its existence. They looked to dismantle any environmental policies and government agencies, actually.

However, it seems that common sense and a little compassion for current and future generations has made these deniers come around. Rather than let countless people suffer from the wars, unprecedented food and water crises, disease, tremendous natural disasters, and sea level rise that are in store under a business-as-usual scenario, leading Republicans in the Senate — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and James Inhofe (Oklahoma) — have introduced strong, comprehensive climate change legislation that will stimulate our economy, protect our health, and ensure a livable climate for future generations.

Of course, by now, you must know that this is our April Fools’ Day joke… if only these Republicans had such common sense. Well, at least for a few short moments I could write such good things about these people.

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3 thoughts on “Republicans Come Around, Propose Climate Change Legislation!”

  1. It’s all about sunspot activity and man-made global warming has about five years left before the real affects of this solar minimum kicks in.

    By 2025, man will be praying for global warming to come back. The effects of sunspot activity on Droughts, temperatures, hurricane numbers and the hurricane seasonal strength has been noted by scientists and observers since the mid 1800s.

    By 2035, our future generations will realize a cooler century is ahead of them..

    The problem: global warming alarmists are ignoring Milankovitch cycles in a effort to curtail a way of life that the marketeers will not allow.

    When one puts it all on the table, other than for real pollution, like a River on fire from sludge, we were experiencing an expansion of topography in an inter-glacial period.

    Enjoy your stay.

    It’s not all that bad yet.

    There are still great places to live.


    Paul Pierett

    1. Paul, sunspot activity has been accounted for by climate scientists, and it has been found to be a very minor part of the equation.

      In fact, in the last 35 years, in the midst of clear global warming, the sun has shown a slight cooling trend.

      The head of the UK’s Royal Society (one of the most prestigious overarching bodies in the world) discusses the myopia of those focusing on this one factor in “Science Under Attack”

      For more:

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