How Do Humans Cause Global Warming?

Congratulate yourself for wanting to learn more about the main cause of global warming. Not only does our species create huge problems that are beyond the ability of other animals to create, but we have the fortunate ability to analyze them and work to bring an end to their consequences. You are now actively engaged in that process!

Humans cause global warming with our unique ability to capture and use energy from stored energy sources. No other animal can start fires or build gasoline engines.

Consider your home and the environment in which it is situated. The very fact that you live in one place, something that was quite uncommon before the discovery of stored energy sources like fossil fuels, speaks to how your life is facilitated by these unique energy sources.

Even your basic needs are dependent on fossil fuels. Your water, food, and fuel for heating and cooking likely travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to your home.

This pattern couldn’t be sustained if humans didn’t have the ability to exploit dense energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. However, their discovery transformed the face of the earth and the nature of humans.

The effects on earth are dangerous. In the last 150 years, the human population has grown by more than five times and the average person uses more energy than ever. This energy comes largely from fossil fuels, the use of which is a direct and important cause of global warming.

Global Warming is a Growing Problem

The growth of the human population and the growth of consumption adds up to an ever-escalating carbon output. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about global warming, but if we want to decrease global warming, then the amount of carbon released each year by humans must be drastically reduced.

Human Consumption or Human Population?

Two factors are acting as catalysts of increased carbon levels in our atmosphere:

  • Increasing consumption among the wealthy (that means you!)
  • Increasing population among the poor

You may wonder which is the primary culprit. The answer is clear – both! Consider the following:

  • Americans consume 300 – 600 times as much as people in very poor nations, in some cases.
  • 70 million people are added to the world’s population each year, many of whom aspire to live “better” lives, to consume like wealthy people.

From this it becomes clear why humans are the main cause of global warming. However, it is even more important for you to understand that you have the power to help prevent global warming from getting worse — live The Green Life.

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105 thoughts on “How Do Humans Cause Global Warming?”

  1. Honestly, there’s nothing confusing here. 97% of scientists studying the climate have come to the conclusion that the matter is settled. The remaining few each have their own wacky ideas and don’t even agree with each other. There is no global political conspiracy. Come on, don’t go off into looney land. The physics of greenhouse gases is extremely clear and has been known for over a century. Just as the tobacco industry tried to delay realization that smoking causes cancer, the oil & coal industries are doing the same with the burning of fossil fuels. It’s a sad state of affairs that about half the population believes the fossil fuel industries and their talking heads while only about half believe the scientists. Crazy.

  2. But it’s now happening faster than ever before!! That’s what makes it bad. In-fact we are speeding up the process 333,000 times faster than if it would happen at a natural pace.

  3. You are fucking stupid! First you say it does exist then you say it doesn’t exist. You have shit for brains.

  4. We are not going to die you idiot. It will just make life harder. But other species will certainly go extinct.

  5. all is true, people, face the facts, we are adding t many gases to the atmosphere. help the earth, stop using so much gases

  6. all is true, people, face the facts, we are adding t many gases to the atmosphere. help the earth, stop using so much gases

  7. How do we know FOR SURE that humans are the cause? What is our evidence apart from CO2 temperature graphs?
    Please reply soon…

    1. By the way i do agree with you (zackery?) that global warming is caused by humans. I’m just looking to collect some data. Thank You

  8. i saw this one article that says water vapour affects climate change much more than CO2 gases. it says that CO2 gases are barely a fraction of water vapour can do to the climate.

    1. i’m curious to see the article you’re referring to (curious of the source), but very thorough analyses conducted by numerous scientists in numerous academic studies have concluded that the main root cause of global warming is CO2 and human factors. and, very importantly, CO2 emissions is the source of much water vapor:

  9. This whole article is bogus. It says evertything that humans do, but doesn’t say a thing about how it affects the climate or how it is directly related to the earth heating up.

    1. hmm, i think what you’re looking for is how greenhouse gas emissions warm the planet, then. these are the main human activities that cause greenhouse gas emissions, but it assumes you know how greenhouse gas emissions warm the planet. for more on that part, you can check out some of our videos here:

      or this piece:

  10. Why does everyone believe it is because of humanity that global warming is happening? It could be the natural cycle of every 1500 years that the climate changes, I’m only 14 and I can put up an argument than half of the people on here.

    1. because there are many lines of evidence making it clear:

      and this is why nearly every overarching scientific has supported the findings of the IPCC:“fundamental-transformation-and-innovation-in-all-spheres-and-at-all-scales-in-order-to-stop-and-reverse-global-environmental-change”/

      These Groups Say The Danger Of Manmade Global Warming Is A FACT
      U.S. Agency for International Development
      United States Department of Agriculture
      National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
      National Institute of Standards and Technology
      United States Department of Defense
      United States Department of Energy
      National Institutes of Health
      United States Department of State
      United States Department of Transportation
      U.S. Geological Survey
      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
      University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
      National Center for Atmospheric Research
      National Aeronautics & Space Administration
      National Science Foundation
      Smithsonian Institution
      International Arctic Science Committee
      Arctic Council
      African Academy of Sciences
      Australian Academy of Sciences
      Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts
      Academia Brasileira de Ciéncias
      Cameroon Academy of Sciences
      Royal Society of Canada
      Caribbean Academy of Sciences
      Chinese Academy of Sciences
      Académie des Sciences, France
      Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
      Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina of Germany
      Indonesian Academy of Sciences
      Royal Irish Academy
      Accademia nazionale delle scienze of Italy
      Indian National Science Academy
      Science Council of Japan
      Kenya National Academy of Sciences
      Madagascar’s National Academy of Arts, Letters and Sciences
      Academy of Sciences Malaysia
      Academia Mexicana de Ciencias
      Nigerian Academy of Sciences
      Royal Society of New Zealand
      Polish Academy of Sciences
      Russian Academy of Sciences
      l’Académie des Sciences et Techniques du Sénégal
      Academy of Science of South Africa
      Sudan Academy of Sciences
      Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
      Tanzania Academy of Sciences
      Turkish Academy of Sciences
      Uganda National Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Society of the United Kingdom
      National Academy of Sciences, United States
      Zambia Academy of Sciences
      Zimbabwe Academy of Science
      American Academy of Pediatrics
      American Association for the Advancement of Science
      American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
      American Astronomical Society
      American Chemical Society
      American College of Preventive Medicine
      American Geophysical Union
      American Institute of Physics
      American Medical Association
      American Meteorological Society
      American Physical Society
      American Public Health Association
      American Quaternary Association
      American Institute of Biological Sciences
      American Society of Agronomy
      American Society for Microbiology
      American Society of Plant Biologists
      American Statistical Association
      Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
      Botanical Society of America
      Crop Science Society of America
      Ecological Society of America
      Federation of American Scientists
      Geological Society of America
      National Association of Geoscience Teachers
      Natural Science Collections Alliance
      Organization of Biological Field Stations
      Society of American Foresters
      Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
      Society of Systematic Biologists
      Soil Science Society of America
      Australian Coral Reef Society
      Australian Medical Association
      Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
      Engineers Australia
      Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies
      Geological Society of Australia
      British Antarctic Survey
      Institute of Biology, UK
      Royal Meteorological Society, UK
      Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences
      Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
      European Federation of Geologists
      European Geosciences Union
      European Physical Society
      European Science Foundation
      International Association for Great Lakes Research
      International Union for Quaternary Research
      International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
      Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
      World Federation of Public Health Associations
      World Health Organization
      World Meteorological Organization

      Source: Planetsave (

      1. there are tons of websites that say that its a natural processes to nobody knows for sure personally according to all research ive done that its a natural thing but humans may have added to it

        1. yeah, tons of websites, but not climate scientists. or, for that matter, not scientists who have reviewed the climate scientists’ work. it’s easy for someone without the knowledge or research to say, “hmm, i don’t know,” but for scientists who have been studying this for decades, the diagnosis is quite clear. Unfortunately.

  11. I feel pissed when I see people letting their car or scooter running for no apparent reason for a long time. I always try to think of it, to minimize that time, also I bike a lot whenever possible, but when you see people being that careless, I feel powerless, as they don’t seem to understand or care at all.

  12. Ladybug, not all of the earth’s oxygen comes from trees… About 90% of the earth’s breathable oxygen comes from photosynthetic organisms called algae… I’m not saying you are entirely wrong, but you don’t have to blame the whole thing on humans.

  13. Global warming is nothing to play around with. Humans are the ones who caused it. It’s not cows or a natural reoccuring effect. We are the ones who cut down the trees to make factories and restraunts and build new neighbor hoods. The more trees we cut down the less oxygen and more cardon dioxide there is. In those factories we build they burn fossil fuels, the #1 cause for global warming. When we drive or transport our selves everyday we let out gasses from our cars that goes into the atmosphere. So, just admit it and stop blaming nature. Those ice caps can’t melt by themselves.

    1. you are very right in thinking that global warming is not something to play around with. aldready some of the regions in our country are facing the consequences of globalisation. it good to see that someone cares for such stuff

  14. I believe that we know all the key elements to stop global warming.The problem is that reality hasn't hit us hard enough to react.It is very simple to stop global warming. We must stop using products that we don't need. For example, we should stop using hair spray, air-sol, charcoal, cigarettes, cigars, garbage, other such chemicals,etc. If little by little we would try to stop these terrible habits of using products that will eventually kill us.Then the world would be a better place.We know that global warming is going to happen ahead of time. This is because we can do something to stop it.
    My recent post Global warming effect – Asia’s rivers drying up


  16. Hey I think that ppl dont cause global warming because this crap has been around longer than us humans and even before the dinosaurs. Im sorry to offend ppl who believe in global warming but we dndnt cause it.

  17. Except that human beings don’t cause global warming. Nor does carbon dioxide, for that matter. But hey, nice try. Have you forked over your life savings to Al Gore yet? He could use another private “green” jet.

  18. Bronwyn Allison

    Randwulf- ther is no reason that women shud b limited to the amount of kids they hav. Ther r some people that say global warming is going to happen in maybe a few centurys, but that aint gonna b for a little while, so heres a tip *go thru life having fun, cus not u, not ur kids, and not ur grandkids are gonna die from global warming

  19. well well you fucking fools who think human poapulation is not contributing to thhe global warming LISTEN FOOLS ever heard of mathematics? if you grow in numbers you consume more and consumption by humand beings who have multiplied like hell means more residue more waiste more co2 etc and cutting down more rain forests { the lungs of your mother earth} digging all the fucking coal and petroliaum and changing it into co2 and co list can go on and on and on…. earth has been rendered inefficient to recycle co2 naturally. trilions of chickens and billions of cattle millions of cars and trillions of home electric appliances use less sense less plastic products and the rest are all mathematically contributing sources of immence magnitude.
    postpone your fucking desires live grsaaroots produce no more than a single baby fuck your greed, plant YES

  20. What?
    The title says “How do humans cause global warming”
    But your text say…. absolutely nothing that relates to how global warming occurs…

  21. Too much of anything is not good. there seems to be to many people. Stop breeding which meens less factories cars etc… its really simple its just that humans are a gready race and if you get angry with this msg then i must be telling the truth because the truth hurts.

  22. Sigh, You know you stated something that really is just amazing. The population has grown. So in essence we consume oxygen and emit Co2. Are you really going to cut back on quality of life for this belief that Co2 is causing global warming? We have not been on this planet long enough to know whether or not this is a natural cycle and looking at the suns solar output being higher than usual is every indication. In the 1970’s the Time magazine informed us of global warnings dangers. What happened over the next 20 years was a cooling cycle and t was cold, very cold. However the sun is now outputting again a higher amount of energy thus making it hotter. I have never seen so many people guilty to just be alive. Look I am not against being energy efficient. I know we have a limited resource, and should be responsible with it. My home is energy efficient. I keep my thermostat around 64 degrees in the winter, and I am conscious about the amount of fuel energy and water I use. Because it is a limited resource. The earth has been around for Millions of years to think we know enough about the planet since the 10,000 years we have been around is so arrogant. We don’t know enough yet. I will be the first to admit I am wrong. We all have our science, The Human population amazingly only contributes to 3% of green house gasses total. That’s everyone included. The rest comes from decaying plant life, forest fires and volcanoes. So can’t we just say that being more efficient is just a good idea? Instead of scaring people. No one realizes that the idea to raise fuel prices to turn people off to fossil fuels and have us look into other technologies is killing people in third world countries. every-time fuel prices go up they can’t afford it like we do they rely on prices being low to farm and feed their families. As Americans we are so arrogant to think that prices her and our standard of living is universal throughout the world. We are so arrogant. We can get to the better technologies and we are working on it. Stop with the scare tactics. Again I like being efficient with limited resources and I love the idea of free energy from the sun.

    Amazingly Al Gore the man who brought this all to our attention uses more electricity in his home alone in one day then we use in a month. You think a man with such an urgent message to save the planet would make the very changes himself. Instead he has a company that profits from the carbon credits he sells. Gee sounds like capitalism at its best preying on the ignorant and stupid to line up their pockets. Come on guy do some critical thinking instead of aligning your selves with these stupid political parties who exploit you.

  23. 🙁 I was researching on global climate change and how human activities plays a role in its causes… 🙁

    Is it the end of the world???

    Are we all going to die!!!???

    I don’t like it warm… I love the snow!!!!

  24. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    You guys are SO MEAN!!!!

    Have some respect to each other!!!!

    We are all HOMO-SAPIENS AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Global Warming!!!!!!!!

  25. For you information Kalikiano the reason why the ice caps of Mars are melting is because Mars has an energy field thats is significantly less than the energy field Erath has. this allows the sun’s solar rays to beat and abuse Mars’ suface.
    This messagre is for both the believers that global warming is caused by humans and for the skeptics: fact of the matter is we are living in an entirely new enviroment than we were living in 50 years ago. It is common sense that we would have adapted and found different ways of living than we did 50 years ago, but we haven’t. No matter what the cause is or how humans are adding on to the cause, it is our responsibity of being the supieror species of this planet to take action. And if we decide not to take action, then what will?

  26. People wake up!! There is 6.6 billion people in the WHOLE WORLD! Jacksonville, FL is 22 billion square ft which means you can put the whole human population in that whole city. Do the math. Blaming human population for the global warming is just a front to decrease human population so that the global elitests can control the world like were there puppets. The smaller the population the easier it is to control. Besides….why is the planet Mars ice caps are melting? They are reciding and there’s not one human being on that planet…….so far no one can come up with an answer. Oh by the way…Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.

  27. If only we lived in a world where the Earth could deal with changes and wasn’t a fragile sphere of glass, ready to break into pieces at the slightest force against it.

    Too bad we live in this reality. A reality where Earth’s history isn’t filled with huge events like meteorites, huge volcanoes, and other things people might consider “catastrophic” events. Because I mean, if those kind of things really did happen, then surely one would conclude slight rises in earth’s average temperature wouldn’t seem like the end of the world.

  28. Last night I watched 2 films.
    One called The Age Of Stupid which was a hard hitting film set in 2043, the population of the world is all but wiped out, all coastal cities are under sea. The temparature of the earths suface has risen beyond the level where all species can survive. One man in the antarctic is putting together a selection of clips showing the run up of actions of apathy and greed that led to this situation to transmit to alien races as a warning. Problem: no scientific evidence was given to support this proclamation and although I felt this film was valuble as it really made me think about mans inhumanity to man and our obscene levels of greed and waste, I came away feeling as though the whole purpose of the film was to terrify people into changing their behaviour but to what ends? Maybe the film makers assumed that the avarage viewer is a simpleton who cannot comprehend scientific evidence? The second film was called Global Warming or Global governance? A film by Soveriegnty International Incorporation who were founded to give an alternative view to the climate debate. They have gone on to include the full range of UN influence on domestic policies. This fact puts my sceptical back up. It was too a very hard hitting film this time with lots of evidence to suggest that rising levels of Co2 actually follow Global Warming, the opposite view. It also claimed that Co2 makes up 9% of greenhouse gases, and only 1% of that is caused by humans. The rest being mainly water vapour (Clouds eg)It showed that the planet has in fact been warming and cooling scince the begining of time and many species have evolved and become extinct due to this cycle (Dinosaurs, Wooly Mamouths)The evidence was very convincing. But this was clearly a propaganda film trying to stir up feelings of defensiveness in American people, telling them that they were being duped into giving up their comfortable lives and signing them over to the NWO. This film didnt seem to give any consideration to the welfare of the human race as a whole.
    Now I feel very fustrated that it seems imposible to know if what you are being taught about the causes of global warming is true. It seems imposible to find any research that has been done that hasnt been funded by a political party. Just as any news we are given, it is never impartial.
    So what do we do? Who to believe? One thing is for sure, the wealth of the world is unfairly distributed and the earths natural resources are fast running out.
    .Every day one in five of the world population go hungry.
    .Every cow in the EU is subsidised by $2.50 a day, more than what 75% Africans have to live on.
    .The worlds oil reserves could be exhausted by 2040.
    .Americans discard 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, enough to reach the moon every 3 weeks.
    We need to put asside our own agendas and collectively demand the truth, and not allow greed and selfishness to prevent us from doing what is right.
    Appologies for the very long rant!

  29. i agree with bob you are all sad and need to get a gripppppp!! love you bob darling 🙂 p.s your page is so l;ast year :L xxx

  30. Well, I think that global warming IS our problem. You can’t honestly think that, oh, well, our planets population has doubled in the last 30 years, oh, thats ok!! And, oh, were cutting down all of our trees, and yeah, all the animals that are being extinct is just natural.. when are we going to open our eyes??? This isn’t natural!! And unless we get people like octo-mom and “L. nice” to change how we think of the world, its just going to get worse. Are we really going to just let our planet waste away like this?

  31. yeah ithink we should be more responsible in finding out weather we really do contribute to global warming. we should know how much it impacts the lives of other and we should all take action!!!!

  32. Global warming doesn’t exist. Scientists say this for technalogical proof based reasosns. For example, scientists say that satellite redings show that there has not been a darastic increase in ozone temperature in the last 23 years they’ve been scanning. They also say that the polar ice caps are coming back. They say the cause of why people think there is global warming is due to increased surface temperatures where urbanasation takes place. I still happen to disagree with this even though there is some very logical proof given.

  33. Global warming does exist. People and scients say this because of many problems like a growing ozone hole over Antarctica or the melting ice caps. I think this is true because humans damage our ozone layer with many things, and the less ozone we have to protect us from the sun the more heat and UV rays we get that cause these problems. These problems can include: carbon emmisions from cars and factories, CFC’s from airisol cans, and deforestation as a matter-a-fact has to do with global warming because trees reduce CO2 and the less trees we have, the more CO2 we have damaging the ozone layer. This is proof that explains the existance and the effects of global warming.

  34. Global warming has already been proved that it happened millions and millions ago. Humans wasn’t around that long so who cause it then???? We are making the process of global warming right now go faster. Even if we try to stop it……it is still going to happen!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ronald McDonald

    What is wrong with all of you?? NONE of you people are educated! You people are destroying the Earth. Don’t come crying to Al Gore when there’s a gaping hole in the ozone and you all suffocate! Get your facts straight!!

  36. You guys make Hilter look like a baby. He is probably rolling over in hell saying:” I was born too soon”!! I have for the past 700 million years (over the last 30 years) had a job that required reconstructing past environments (environmental geologist). To say that the climate should be stable is calling all the rocks you are walking on to be liars. We live on a dynamic planet- always has been that way. If you believe that humans populations are causing the planet great harm– why don’t you check out. Seems it is easier to kill off everyone else. To ponder- if indeed the climate is changing for the worst, why not let it go on and reduce the population that way instead of resurrening the death camps.

  37. Alright. There is no non political science evedence that sais humans are causing global warming. In fact, there is exactly the oppisite. 75% of professional scientist sertified by the UN say that humans are not the primary cause of global warming. Global warming is a natural cycle of the earth scine the start of time. According to the EPA the atmosphere does not not have enough compasity for C02 to heat the earth. And how come the years following WWII when the C02 levels were almost triple of what they are now due to the reconstruction of half the world the world was affraid of global cooling. And did you know that most countries in Africa are affarid of Global cooling right now.

  38. hi, okay so im writing an essay on how the human population has changed, and what differences it has made to our planet,and everything you guys just put was all b.s.
    thanks for your time, bye.

  39. Okay. So definately we are not the only ones causing global warming. There are so many natrual cause like changes in our planets orbit and tilt and interglacier periods. We shouldnt burden this all on ourselves. What we really need to do is cut back on what really isn’t necessary. I know we all cant be like Leonardo De’caprio who lives in a major eco-friendly house but we can still help!!! we need to think before we turn on our fire places just because we are a little chilly… 12% of carbon dioxide emissions come from our BUILDINGS!!!! im saying this to everyone, think about the things YOU could do to help!!!!

  40. well i think that people in this United States are causing global warming and the first person that said that there is no such thing as global warming,,,WELL THERE IS SUCH A THING!!!! and its our job to try and stop global warming and STOP letting it keep going MAKE IT COME TO AN END or alot of ppl are going to die BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING!!!

  41. Ty

    You don’t sound very educated. All of the continents were at different locations at one time or another due to continental drift, thus placing Greenland in a different latitude which could have been warmer.

    There are many scare tactics in the world but to simply dismiss all of the science and computer models as rubbish is very short sighted and narrow minded.

    As far as any species is concerned, if a population becomes too large resources will become scarce and habitats will become depleted and polluted. This is true whether you’re talking about bacteria, fungi, or humans. If something is not done with respect to population control on a global level, the quality of life for all organisms is going to suffer.

    If find it interesting that the educated people of the world practice typically population control (without being told to) whereas the uneducated masses are the ones doing the overpopulating thus dumbing down our schools/country and the rest of the planet.

  42. Randwulf – Wow I cannot believe you have the audacity to call someone else an idiot and then propose a Chinese/communist solution to what you see as the problem. Yes we probably are overpopulating this planet but who are you to say who can and can’t have more than 2 children. I agree that Octo-Mom is ridiculous and people should only have a number of kids that they themselves can support without government assistance, but in no way should we limit the number to 2 or any number for that matter.

    Global Warming is a scare tactic put on by the media and people out to make a ton of money. Scientists are learning so much about the planet everyday but you can’t put a puzzle together without all the pieces. It is a good theory to say that our carbon emissions are effecting this planet and it could be correct and it could be off base, but the scare tactics based on computer models are complete rubbish. It is an opportunity to place blame on people so others can become empowered and make money, I can’t believe more people don’t see this.

    Take care of the planet as best we can, but don’t buy into the if we do nothing we are doomed argument. If you look back through history we are actually at a medium temperature on the fluctuating curve, it has been as much as 20 degrees warmer on this planet and they have found algae in sediment in Greenland causing some scientists to believe Greenland was once a tropical place much like the everglades.

    Just because a belief is popular does not mean that it is Correct.

    1. I agree with Ty, we should take care of the planet as best we can but just because many people think that global warming is happening and dangerous that doesn’t mean we have to freak out about it.

  43. It’s people who “think” like L. Nice who are the problem. What a fucking idiot! The thing we need to do is reduce the number of children being produced to something significantly less that 2 babies per woman, per lifetime. Over-breeding needs to be taxed or fined! People should be given a tax credit for NOT having a lot of children instead of the other way around. This needs to be a world-wide initiative. Forget about counting CO2 molecules or “carbon credits”. The problem is too many people and the solution is to reduce the number of people. And if we don’t get on it quickly, were are all screwed (along with just about every other living thing on the planet). The governments of the world will rarely admit that we should all be having less kids because that means less people to tax and milk. But, it’s killing us. They just can’t wrap their collective brains around the fact that money and power are in the long run, much less important than the survival of the biosphere. There are consequences for everything we do and allow to be done. What we are doing is wrong. Thanks for not breeding! And for those of you who do, please cut your own fucking head off.

  44. So now we know!! “Global Warming” is all our fault?!!
    Whatever shall we do ?? Well, we might as well all kill ourselves!! That should solve it!! I cannot believe people actually think that it’s “Global Warming” that will destroy the earth!! WAKE UP!!! There is NO SUCH THING as Global Warming!! What do we breathe out? CO2
    which means we should stop breathing?? What about plants
    ?? They “breathe” in CO2 emissions, so if we stop CO2, we will kill off the human-race?!! Good idea, eh??!
    Climate Change happens all the time. It was happening long before man came along!!

    1. They aren’t saying its ‘our fault’ we just contribute to it. Yes we breathe out CO2, you are right, but that isnt what causes the harm. We add even more to the Ozone layer and to the atmosphere by using cars etc… We can reduce this.

  45. This reminds of the old Patsy Cline (authored by Willie Nelson) Crazy……… I will burn my ancient oak wood on my barbeque and cook my beef in your honor. If you got them burn them.

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