Unusual Animal Friendships [VIDEO]

Holy cow, yeah? A pit bull licking a baby bunny rabbit and a guinea pig. These animals and a cat all cuddling up together. Wow.

But as I’ve covered before (see link below), if animals are raised together, it doesn’t seem to matter what they are, they will be friendly and loving towards each other. It is really amazing. I guess animals, and maybe humans, are more influenced by familiarity with others (other species, etc.) than any sort of instinctual drive to fight or kill.

Think of the example of humans and their pets. People who have cats and dogs think it’s absurd, disgusting, cruel, and so on to eat cats and dogs, but they are happy to eat pigs and cows (similar intelligence levels) and think nothing of it.

Why can’t we all just get along.. and not kill animals, which very clearly feel and have emotions?

Here’s more from the YouTube page:

My mother said “You have The Garden of Eden there! ” LOL.
Pit bull Sharky with bunny VS roomba cat Max-Arthur with guinea pig.
They are a funny little group! … but Sharky just loves everyone…

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