Zebra Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

zebra love

17 amazing zebra pictures, to follow the birth of a zedonk (zebra-donkey hybrid) earlier this week.

Ok, I have to make a confession, this post has turned into a 10 + 7 Friday Photos post. I love zebras — one of my very favorites animals (maybe favorite) since I was a child — they are so mesmerizing to look at and such beautiful animals. And since there are so many cool photos of them out there, I couldn’t just choose 10. So, here are 10 zebra pictures for 10 Friday Photos + 7 more zebra pictures for zebras are so cool.

zebras & grassPhoto Credit: .imelda via flickr

Zebra Stripes

zebra stripesPhoto Credit: mobilevirgin via flickr

Zebra Eyelashes

Photo Credit: foreversouls via flickr

Photo Credit: paraflyer via flickr

Baby Zebra Eating

zebra baby eatingPhoto Credit: sarah.musico via flickr

Zebra Friends Drinking

zebra friends drinkingPhoto Credit: aftab. via flickr

Zebra Visitor

zebra visitorPhoto Credit: Bob Jagendorf via flickr

Tall Zebra Friend

tall zebra friendPhoto Credit: Tracer Bullet999 via flickr

Zebra Trio

zebra trioPhoto Credit: Arno & Louise Wildlife via flickr

Black & White Zebra

zebra black and whitePhoto Credit: principia aesthetica via flickr

Short Zebra Friend

short zebra friendPhoto Credit: Arno & Louise Wildlife via flickr

Zebra Love

zebra love againPhoto Credit: *Kicki* via flickr

Philosophical Zebra

philosophical zebraPhoto Credit: _Hadock_ via flickr

Black & White Zebra

zebra black and white facePhoto Credit: -LucaM- Photography WWW.LUCAMOGLIA.IT via flickr

Zebra Stripes

Photo Credit: swisscan via flickr

Zebra Kiss

zebra kissPhoto Credit: kevin_law via flickr

You can view more from our 10 Friday Photos series here.

Top Photo Credit: Arno & Louise Wildlife via flickr

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