Yellow Lobster Found in Narragansett Bay (Rhode Island)

Extremely rare yellow lobster found by lobsterman — yes, this one will live.

Ever heard of a yellow lobster? Me neither.

Apparently, they are about 1 in 30 million. But a lucky lobsterman from Rhode Island found one recently.

Denny Ingram says he found the lobster when he hauled in one of his lobster pots in recently. “I thought, holy cow, this is unusual. And no one else around here has ever seen anything like it either.”

This rare yellow color will save the lobster’s life. Ingram is planning to put the yellow lobster on display at the fishermen’s co-op at the State Pier in Newport. After that, he intends to donate it to an aquariam.

via HuffintonPost & The Providence Journal

Photo via HuffingtonPost/AP

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