Pandas (10 Friday Photos)

Pandas Picture 1
Some great pictures of pandas! Admire their beauty.

And help to protect them!

Giant Pandas need to be protected. They’ve been hunted for ages, because people want to have their impressive furs. Now, their approach towards extinction is no small matter. Of course, there are many organisations that try to save them, but it doesn’t make a change in some cruel people’s minds. We have to think what we can do and help out to save them!

Sleeping Panda

Pandas Picture 2
Photo Credit: rockabillyboy72 via Flickr

Wanna eat or wanna sleep?

Pandas Picture 3
Photo Credit: Jason Pier via Flickr

At a Panda Breakfast

Pandas Picture 4
Photo Credit: jetrotz via Flickr

Panda Baby

Pandas Picture 5
Photo Credit: PandaMagic via Flickr

Panda Philosopher

Pandas Picture 6
Photo Credit: Alexandre Duarte via Flickr

Panda Friendship

Pandas Picture 7
Photo Credit: jdbartross via Flickr

Where is the Panda?

Pandas Picture 8
Photo Credit: Dwood Photography via Flickr

Panda Sleeping Again

Pandas Picture 9
Photo Credit: JLMphoto via Flickr

Maybe more sleeping Panda?

Pandas Picture 10
Photo Credit: tinyfroglet via Flickr

That’s the end of the photos. I hope you enjoyed them. For me, they are very beautiful and cute, and I have no idea how someone can have such a cold heart to kill such lovely animals.

What’s your favourite photo?

See you next Friday!

Top Photo Credit: The Suss-Man via Flickr

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