Top 5 Planetsave Stories Of 2013

2013 was a clear record year for Planetsave. From hot space stories to hot animal stories (and one combo space–animal story), this year was hot. Below were the top 5 stories of the year, based purely on page views. Check them out:

giant snake

  1. 700-Pound Snake — Giant Snake Found In North Carolina, Facts And Photos (310,601 views)
  2. Angolan Witch Spider, Giant Spider Found In Texas Is A Hoax… (295,854 views)
  3. Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks On April 22 2013 (148,396 views)
  4. Solar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning — Hybrid Solar Eclipse On Sunday, November 3 2013 (112,575 views)
  5. Rat On Mars — NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Captures “Rat” In New Image (62,006 views)

Your favorite story of the year not on the list? Share it below!

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