Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

Pamela Anderson PETA ad

10. Alicia Silverstone Naked PETA Video and Pamela Anderson in New PETA Ad — What Do You Think? [VIDEO]

I think you and I both can pretty easily identify what got people’s attention here…

9. What’s Going On in The Gulf of Aden?

USGS reported on a very unusual swarm of significant earthquakes in the sea between Africa and the Arabian peninusla, right off the coast of Yemen, and in one of the world’s most important and busiest shipping lanes. This strange phenomenon may not have hit the mainstream news, but it got a lot of people’s attention.

8. Second Garbage Patch Confirmed in Atlantic Ocean

As many had assumed, the 2nd ridiculously huge plastic garbage patch was confirmed in the Atlantic Ocean this year. (The first such garbage patch was previously discovered in the Pacific Ocean.) You might see this story on another one of our lists soon (hint, hint).

7. Sea Otters, Oriental Small-Clawed Otters, and More! (10 Friday Photos)

I guess our friend Becky Striepe, who suggested that we do a 1o Friday Photos piece on otters isn’t the only one who loves them.

6. Put Homeless in Vacant NYC Luxury Apts, Advocates Say

An interesting a controversial proposal to put homeless New Yorkers into long-unoccupied “luxury apartments” in NYC got people’s attention.

5. 10 Crazy Statements about the BP Oil Spill from CEO Tony Hayward, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Don Young

Some of the most ridiculous statements you could imagine.

4. Japanese Whalers Sink Sea Shepherd’s $2 Million New Boat [Photos]

The Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2 struck and sunk the Sea Shepherd’s new $2 million speed boat, the Ady Gil, back around this time last year.

3. China to Ban Eating Cats and Dogs

A discussion about the major effort to ban the eating of dogs and cats in China.

2. Thank Steve Jobs, Apple for Leaving Fox News & Standing Up to Glenn Beck

Apparently, after Glenn Beck called President Obama a “racist” and progressivism “cancer,” some companies took notice and decided enough was enough. 33 companies, including Apple, told Fox they wanted their ads moved from Glenn Beck’s show to another advertising slot last August. Here’s a little more on the story as well as an option to thank Steve Jobs and Apple for their move.

1. Killer Whales Are Evolving Into Two Different Species

Scientists have found that Killer Whales in the North Atlantic Ocean differ in both diet and genetic makeup. In fact, they’re in the process of splitting into two different species all together.

Photo Credit: PETA

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